Working on it

I’m slowly  making my way to the end of the baby blanket. At first, 3 rows were 1 inch, now 6 rows are one inch. Whatever, it happens. I am now at 7 inches! This means I’m almost 1/3 of the way done! Woohoo!

I’m not sitting down and working on it a lot at a time. I’m doing like 3 or 4 rows at a time. If I did 6 rows every night, I’d be done super fast. But, I’m not and I’m fine with this.

I think, when I’m done with the baby blanket, I’ll probably work on socks. Jamie bought me a sock loom (squee!) so I’m excited.

Then again, I don’t know what I’ll make next. I could work on another baby blanket (a friend of ours recently learned he’s going to be a dad soon. I’m happy for him), I could work on socks, I could work on another Doctor Who scarf, or anything. I really don’t know

Besides yarn stuff–

I think we were the only people in our neighborhood to pull trash around today. Our trash normally runs on Tuesdays, but since it’s a holiday week, it ran today. This worked out perfectly because our bin was completely full and we got rid of the little couch that was in the dog room (they destroyed it. it took them a while, but they finally did it)

We spent all day yesterday working on housework. Mainly looking through things to see what we could set aside as bedding for the rats, clothes we could put to the side to donate (now in a trash bag in the garage), and extra cleaning for the basement. Jamie spent time in the craft-room half of the basement, which was awesome because I would’ve taken forever getting anything done, while I worked on laundry and whatnot. I think we did really well and things look a lot better (and most of the notebooks are in totes so they don’t attract bugs).

And, in doing so, it created a lot of trash. Not like complete overhaul/”spring cleaning crazy” amount of trash, but enough to question if we had enough room in the recycle bins and trash bin.

While we were doing that, we did the normal “go through all the pens/markers and see if they work” thing, which we do every so often (because I hoard pens). At one point, I went to go put the coloured pencils back in the little tote I keep them in and realized holy shit, where the hell did all these coloured pencils come from?! We have a much larger collection of these than I thought we did (not like Professional Artist who uses coloured pencils a lot level of huge amount. more like bought out specialty store or big box store’s selection for one day amount). But hey, at least if I need one I won’t have to go out and buy a pack.


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