Attempting writing

For a while, I’ve been trying to reason with myself. 400 words or 4 comics. It isn’t working most days and I’m ok with this. I’m not going to beat myself up just because I haven’t written anything besides text messages to Jamie or notes to myself for something that would be a fun idea to work with.

I worked on a short story and sent it to a friend to read. She’s been pretty busy (like we all are because hey, holidays are coming up and shit gets busy this time of year) and I don’t expect any immediate response. I’ve shelved the story for now and figure I’ll get back to it later.

As a joke, I started working on a story last night based on the concept of a story I read a while back. I can’t find the story right now (but I haven’t really looked for it except for a few moments) and I doubt it sees the light of day besides as something to laugh about later. But, I did get my wordcount in and I think that’s something.

I plan on going through some notebooks, and files on the computer (oh hello Windows 10. This is going to be weird to navigate. Why do we have Soda Crush on the PC?) and seeing what I can work with there. I figure I’ve got enough material to at least work on a short story collection–I don’t know if I have the attention span to work on a full-blown novel. 50,000 words minimum gives me a bit of a panic and I don’t think I could do it. (I probably could. it just seems daunting right now)

And then I get distracted easily and decide to read the Kindle instead of working on things. Sometimes reading the e-reader at work is a lot easier than stopping writing and explaining for the umpteenth time that I am working on a story. No, it’s just an idea I have. No, I’m not done with it.

Or there’s things to do, like laundry which I will throw in the dryer and ignore so I can surf youtube for interviews of people I find pretty cool or creepypastas. Dogs to let out and run around the backyard so they can be crazy and snuffle around the area where the damned squirrels have finally, after a handful of years, pulled the birdfeeders down and destroyed them. Make a mental note to buy things (food, pet supplies, bird feeder) and promptly forget what we need. Put our dogs up for a few while I let the foster dog out and clean up any accidents she may have had and check on whatever else it was I was supposed to be doing, and then get whacked by Smrgl–the bathroom cat–because I was looking for sinus pills and didn’t say hi to him.

And then remember that I was supposed to be sitting down and at least working on a basic…idea or something of a note I jotted down weeks ago that started along the lines of “wouldn’t this be cool if…”

But hey, I can do this. I’m at a point in one story where I think it absolutely sucks, so I’m either nearing the end or I’ve written something terrible in the beginning and I will have to go back on the next draft and fix it. I’ve made all kinds of notes on the copy that I’ve printed out so I could look over it and we’ll just have to see what happens. I still don’t know what’ll happen at the end, but it’ll be exciting to find out.


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