Gearing up for Thanksgiving

I work retail. Wow. (I work for what I call “Store” to keep things easier and so I don’t get in trouble). And every year it’s the same thing, people have to freak out because ohmigods they’re scheduled to work Thanksgiving.

Working on Thanksgiving doesn’t bother me. I get paid extra, it’s not like I’d just be able to hang out with Jamie and the pets, and I’m free of family obligations. Yeah, it sounds kind of terrible, but it’s more of a relief.

So, the past…week or two, while people have been bitching about the schedule not being up yet, my fb feed has been bombarded with people bitching they have to work or posting stupid photos with reminders to be nice to retail workers because we just want to spend time with our families and not have to deal with you slavering idiots who have to get into fist fights over this year’s most sought-after toys.

I don’t get it. We’re retail monkeys. Our employee roster is based on the time of year where money is most spent. And people are more pissed off that we, the lowly retail worker, can’t have Thanksgiving dinner with our families?

We have all year to plan an alternative day. If Thanksgiving is that important to you, plan an alternative day.

I don’t hear anyone complaining about police, EMTS, firemen, their dispatch crews, or military personnel working on holidays. How is my being a retail monkey more important than the people crazy enough to save your stupid ass?

There’s people on the ISS that don’t get to just stop what they’re doing and have dinner with their families. Everyone who works for the airports don’t get to just shut down for a day. So why is your being a special-snowflake cashier better than these people?

Maybe it’s the constant bitching about how people should be spending time with loved ones instead of trying to beat the hell out of each other with game consoles and the latest doll their kid wants. Maybe it’s the whole “Black Friday” thing is starting earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving itself and people are just now realizing that it’s a terrible idea. It won’t stop people from camping out at Best Buy for days on end to be the first in line to get whatever sized television they’re after.

Well, companies go where the money is. And I highly doubt anyone could convince enough people to not shop when there are killer deals waiting for them. (not shop?! That’s preposterous!)



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