Working on it

I’m slowly  making my way to the end of the baby blanket. At first, 3 rows were 1 inch, now 6 rows are one inch. Whatever, it happens. I am now at 7 inches! This means I’m almost 1/3 of the way done! Woohoo!

I’m not sitting down and working on it a lot at a time. I’m doing like 3 or 4 rows at a time. If I did 6 rows every night, I’d be done super fast. But, I’m not and I’m fine with this.

I think, when I’m done with the baby blanket, I’ll probably work on socks. Jamie bought me a sock loom (squee!) so I’m excited.

Then again, I don’t know what I’ll make next. I could work on another baby blanket (a friend of ours recently learned he’s going to be a dad soon. I’m happy for him), I could work on socks, I could work on another Doctor Who scarf, or anything. I really don’t know

Besides yarn stuff–

I think we were the only people in our neighborhood to pull trash around today. Our trash normally runs on Tuesdays, but since it’s a holiday week, it ran today. This worked out perfectly because our bin was completely full and we got rid of the little couch that was in the dog room (they destroyed it. it took them a while, but they finally did it)

We spent all day yesterday working on housework. Mainly looking through things to see what we could set aside as bedding for the rats, clothes we could put to the side to donate (now in a trash bag in the garage), and extra cleaning for the basement. Jamie spent time in the craft-room half of the basement, which was awesome because I would’ve taken forever getting anything done, while I worked on laundry and whatnot. I think we did really well and things look a lot better (and most of the notebooks are in totes so they don’t attract bugs).

And, in doing so, it created a lot of trash. Not like complete overhaul/”spring cleaning crazy” amount of trash, but enough to question if we had enough room in the recycle bins and trash bin.

While we were doing that, we did the normal “go through all the pens/markers and see if they work” thing, which we do every so often (because I hoard pens). At one point, I went to go put the coloured pencils back in the little tote I keep them in and realized holy shit, where the hell did all these coloured pencils come from?! We have a much larger collection of these than I thought we did (not like Professional Artist who uses coloured pencils a lot level of huge amount. more like bought out specialty store or big box store’s selection for one day amount). But hey, at least if I need one I won’t have to go out and buy a pack.


Procrastination through books

I’m a terrible procrastinator. I realize this, admit this, and sometimes get stuff done that needed to be done while avoiding other things I need to do. Eh, it works.

In a way of procrastinating, I have a tendency to just sit and read. (then again, I read a lot. I enjoy it) So, through this, I’m trying to keep a list of books I’ve read lately. They’re mostly on the kindle because sometimes I can’t just read a regular book (yay arthritis. weird, huh? sometimes it doesn’t hurt as much to type as it does to read a physical book).

So, I found we had somehow acquired a copy of Truman Capote’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and I started to read it…and I hate it. I don’t know if I should continue reading it because, according to the little dots that signify how long each book is, this thing is approximately the same length as Sir Pterry’s “A Collegiate Casting-Out of Devilish Devices.”

But, I think it’s because I have a tendency to read editions of Best New Horror, which are mostly  terrible stories with a couple of gems mixed in.

And then, if I’m home, I get melted upon by Snooch, which makes doing anything damn near impossible.

Attempting writing

For a while, I’ve been trying to reason with myself. 400 words or 4 comics. It isn’t working most days and I’m ok with this. I’m not going to beat myself up just because I haven’t written anything besides text messages to Jamie or notes to myself for something that would be a fun idea to work with.

I worked on a short story and sent it to a friend to read. She’s been pretty busy (like we all are because hey, holidays are coming up and shit gets busy this time of year) and I don’t expect any immediate response. I’ve shelved the story for now and figure I’ll get back to it later.

As a joke, I started working on a story last night based on the concept of a story I read a while back. I can’t find the story right now (but I haven’t really looked for it except for a few moments) and I doubt it sees the light of day besides as something to laugh about later. But, I did get my wordcount in and I think that’s something.

I plan on going through some notebooks, and files on the computer (oh hello Windows 10. This is going to be weird to navigate. Why do we have Soda Crush on the PC?) and seeing what I can work with there. I figure I’ve got enough material to at least work on a short story collection–I don’t know if I have the attention span to work on a full-blown novel. 50,000 words minimum gives me a bit of a panic and I don’t think I could do it. (I probably could. it just seems daunting right now)

And then I get distracted easily and decide to read the Kindle instead of working on things. Sometimes reading the e-reader at work is a lot easier than stopping writing and explaining for the umpteenth time that I am working on a story. No, it’s just an idea I have. No, I’m not done with it.

Or there’s things to do, like laundry which I will throw in the dryer and ignore so I can surf youtube for interviews of people I find pretty cool or creepypastas. Dogs to let out and run around the backyard so they can be crazy and snuffle around the area where the damned squirrels have finally, after a handful of years, pulled the birdfeeders down and destroyed them. Make a mental note to buy things (food, pet supplies, bird feeder) and promptly forget what we need. Put our dogs up for a few while I let the foster dog out and clean up any accidents she may have had and check on whatever else it was I was supposed to be doing, and then get whacked by Smrgl–the bathroom cat–because I was looking for sinus pills and didn’t say hi to him.

And then remember that I was supposed to be sitting down and at least working on a basic…idea or something of a note I jotted down weeks ago that started along the lines of “wouldn’t this be cool if…”

But hey, I can do this. I’m at a point in one story where I think it absolutely sucks, so I’m either nearing the end or I’ve written something terrible in the beginning and I will have to go back on the next draft and fix it. I’ve made all kinds of notes on the copy that I’ve printed out so I could look over it and we’ll just have to see what happens. I still don’t know what’ll happen at the end, but it’ll be exciting to find out.

Gearing up for Thanksgiving

I work retail. Wow. (I work for what I call “Store” to keep things easier and so I don’t get in trouble). And every year it’s the same thing, people have to freak out because ohmigods they’re scheduled to work Thanksgiving.

Working on Thanksgiving doesn’t bother me. I get paid extra, it’s not like I’d just be able to hang out with Jamie and the pets, and I’m free of family obligations. Yeah, it sounds kind of terrible, but it’s more of a relief.

So, the past…week or two, while people have been bitching about the schedule not being up yet, my fb feed has been bombarded with people bitching they have to work or posting stupid photos with reminders to be nice to retail workers because we just want to spend time with our families and not have to deal with you slavering idiots who have to get into fist fights over this year’s most sought-after toys.

I don’t get it. We’re retail monkeys. Our employee roster is based on the time of year where money is most spent. And people are more pissed off that we, the lowly retail worker, can’t have Thanksgiving dinner with our families?

We have all year to plan an alternative day. If Thanksgiving is that important to you, plan an alternative day.

I don’t hear anyone complaining about police, EMTS, firemen, their dispatch crews, or military personnel working on holidays. How is my being a retail monkey more important than the people crazy enough to save your stupid ass?

There’s people on the ISS that don’t get to just stop what they’re doing and have dinner with their families. Everyone who works for the airports don’t get to just shut down for a day. So why is your being a special-snowflake cashier better than these people?

Maybe it’s the constant bitching about how people should be spending time with loved ones instead of trying to beat the hell out of each other with game consoles and the latest doll their kid wants. Maybe it’s the whole “Black Friday” thing is starting earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving itself and people are just now realizing that it’s a terrible idea. It won’t stop people from camping out at Best Buy for days on end to be the first in line to get whatever sized television they’re after.

Well, companies go where the money is. And I highly doubt anyone could convince enough people to not shop when there are killer deals waiting for them. (not shop?! That’s preposterous!)


sick day

I called into work. I’m feeling like I did when I went to the doctor a few years back and got the shocked reaction of “How are you walking? How are you working?!” because I had pneumonia (yay) and lately I’ve been getting the same feeling in one of my lungs. I figured it’d be a better idea (while coughing) to call in. I’m pretty sure I pissed off the newest manager and I don’t care.

So now I’ve got tea, cats (a rumbly, happy Snooch on my lap), Rhonda’s making me soup because she’s awesome, and I’m listening to things. During this, I thought it’d be a good idea to work on a story idea that I had and in my tiredness, I realized that the program I use (Open Office) has the ability to do footnotes (Footnotes!). Now that I’ve footnoted my notes to myself, I’ve got a correct wordcount and I’m at 1008 words. It’s not much in the grand scheme of things, but I’m happy with it.

I don’t expect to have anything novel worthy for a while. I’m happy with working on short stories and then working my way up. Because, hey, why not? And I know this is the first draft, so I’m not really stressed about it. I just don’t know if I should just go ahead and post up what I’ve got and be done with it, or just shelve it, look at it in a week or so, and realize I’m not fooling anyone.

I guess, if anything, I can try to convince Jamie to read what I’ve got thus far and go from there.

small project

I decided on a whim that I would make a baby blanket. The internet says the average blanket is approximately 30×30. And, Jamie’s boss is having a baby so it’s a fun excuse to try to make something new.

I’m going with the most basic thing I can think of right now (one colour, which is a light yellow) and thinking on if I’m going to add any embellishments later on or attempt to crochet some sort of border around it to see if it’ll help keep the ends from rolling up.

I’m making the thing on my S-Loom, so I’m determined that this will be the first project I complete on the S-Loom itself. The first project I started was a peachy-coloured scarf that I got maybe 1/4 of the way done before pulling it off and starting this. I was mainly doing it to see how the S-Loom would work. So far, I am liking how it goes.

I’m also pretty sure this will be larger than 30×30.

I guessed on the width. Using the partially done scarf and the middle section of my middle finger (which is approximately 1 inch long, so it’s a great too to use. I’ve weirded out people using my forearm as a measurer because I know my forearm is 1 foot long from wrist to elbow. it’s pretty neat). So, if it’s more than 30″ then that’s what it’ll be. It’s a weird little handmade item, so why not be off just a hair?

When I started this, 3 rows was 1 inch and I was like: I can get this done in no time! 21 rows in, I was no where near the 7 inches I had initially thought and worked a few more rows. Now I’m 30 rows in and have found that if I don’t stretch the blanket, I’m at 5 inches, but if I stretch it I’m at 8 inches.

So, I won’t stretch it.

This means that I am 1/6 of the way done. I think it’s kind of funny, I tell my customers I don’t do math as I pull out my phone and bring up a calculator (it’s true, I can’t do percentages in my head), but I can do basic math for knitting. This means, if it takes me 30 rows to get 5 inches, this whole thing will be approximately 180 rows. This can change, as the longer it gets , the…tighter? the rows become. It makes sense if you look at it, or, at least, it makes sense to me.

180 rows. I can do this. The Doctor Who scarves I’ve made have been longer than 180 rows (granted, this is wider than any of the Doctor Who scarves I’ve made). If it turns out all right, maybe I can be brave and try to remember how to do the “Russian Knot” (there are tutorials on youtube so I’m good there) and do more than one colour and work my way through that.

I also thought about doing some sort of embellishment. I was watching a tutorial on how to make crochet “puff flowers” and I think they look pretty neat. Jamie said if I can learn how to make those, maybe I can learn how to make butterflies and such (there’s a tutorial on youtube for butterflies as well, I think by the same person I was watching make the flowers). It’ll be neat to see what happens.