the silly hat continues

I’ve missed just a handful of days of not wearing my Ogg-esque hat. Once was for getting up late, once was for just not giving a shit, and twice was so I could put my hair up in a bun and wear this awesome little “bloody” bow that had a little plastic meat cleaver on it. While wearing the meat-cleaver bow, one of the older ladies that words in another department told me my hair looked sexy. I couldn’t stop laughing.

On the plus side to wearing the tall witch hat, my store manager was able to see me the other day and say over the walkie “Turn around and come back the way you came.” She was able to see me over some rows of stuff and then informed me of some…gross stuff that I needed to “sanitize immediately. seriously. sanitize it.” because a customer smelled so bad she got visibly nauseous (at least it wasn’t a rehash of the person who trailed runny shit through the store)

A few short hours later, our newest supervisor stood with me to the side and just went off on a verbal rampage. She’s usually pretty chill and easy going, but the issues she ran up against made her tell our manager that she didn’t want to be a supervisor any longer if she was going to have to put up with the bullshit that she was put through. (Unfortunately, I have to be vague because it’s Store and while I am already paranoid enough, I really don’t need more reason to believe that people are stabbing me in the back)

Continuing about work: We had a little note attached above the time clock stating that if we wanted to dress up on 10/30 and 10/31, we have to pay $X, which goes to our store/company sponsored charity drive for those in need. While I think it’s awesome that we can dress up this year, when we absolutely could not last year, I really don’t see why I have to pay. The work “uniform” already makes us look like idiots enough as it is and I’m allowed to wear a silly hat through Halloween, so why do it? I don’t see why I should. And hell, if I want to be more “dressed up,” I can just do Victory Curls and finagle a wear to wear my little orange witch hat.

…in other news. I am not sticking with one book to read right now. I’m reading a handful. Anansi Boys, trying to re-find American Gods because I have a couple of copies on the kindle and some of them are messed up for whatever reason, The Sea and Little Fishes, The Science of Discworld (the first one), Mort, and Carpe Jugulum. I’m thinking of going for a Ray Bradbury or another Best New Horror, maybe David Morrell (I think he’s on the kindle right now).

I also decided, because I don’t think things through, to work on a baby blanket for Jamie’s boss. It’ll get rid of some of my yarn and hey, why not. I’ve never done a little baby blanket so it’ll be interesting.

Jamie thinks it’s a great idea and I figure if I can get a few projects done and out of the way, I can go buy more yarn.


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