My eyeballs itch. My allergies are going haywire and I’m waiting on Firefly’s allergy to kick in (she’s allergic to fall. $200+ last year to find out) so we can be itchy together. But I think mine are mainly from spending hours ripping out this weird vine, this giant monstrosity of a berry bush, cutting down shrub/tree limbs, and hauling it over to our side of the fence.  I spent all day yesterday snotting, sneezing, and either blowing black out of my nose (leaf mold) or blood out of my nose.

I told Jamie my idea of keeping some of the tree limbs to the side so we can cut them into bits and use them in the firepit for Halloween and Firefly’s birthday (November 1st). It shouldn’t be too terribly hard to put a couple limbs to the side, but it’s something that we’ll have to work on later.

Jamie told me his idea of how we should throw Firefly a little birthday bash and invite a few friends over to hang out and love on the dogs. Firefly turns 8 this year (which means Bug and Hobbes turn 8 in February, and Cricket turns…2 or 3 sometime next spring/summer). We usually make them little tiny birthday cakes (because I have these awesome mini-cake pans!), but Jamie happened to find a skull-shaped cake/cookie pan and bought it, and we think it’d be an adorable idea to make her a Day of the Dead style cake. It won’t be perfect, but it’ll be fun!

It just means I’ll need to buy a giant container of peanut butter because Bug ate the jar of peanut butter we had set aside for the dogs


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