I was informed recently that Jamie is “distracting me from doing my job.” How? I really don’t know. Apparently one of the overnight managers got all pissy because he was wandering around looking at stuff and happened to pick up an item that didn’t belong on a shelf, so they had to stomp up to where I was and tell me that a) he doesn’t work there (no shit) and 2) they’ll “pull me into the office and coach me” themselves. I had to repeat myself that I had no idea where Jamie was, I thought he was sitting and reading, and I was too busy re-setting registers to deal with whatever is going on.

Apparently I am not to be believed. This manager told me that they were going to inform my manager (ok) and “this needs to stop, now.”

Ok, so in the almost three years that I’ve worked at Store, I have never had an issue with Jamie showing up a little early before I needed to be picked up. Even when I was in the back of the store doing stuff and Jamie was sitting on a bench near me and the store manager walked past while I was doing stuff, it’s never been an issue.

We’re under the impression that this manager is going to try to get Jamie banned from the store. It’s kind of funny because the store manager likes him, my manager likes him, he’s volunteered to do stuff for the store manager and my manager (little things like pull out trash bins from registers while I’m dumping others). He’s a paying customer, and now he’s making it a point to buy a little something each time he shows up and this particular manager is there.

I can’t even talk to my manager about what’s going on because she is on vacation (again), but I told my supervisor and she thinks it’s ridiculous. I told one of the other managers and his response was “Pshh, they’re crazy. Don’t listen to them.” I think maybe it’s because they don’t have someone awesome like Jamie (their loss. Jamie is awesome)

I’m trying to not dwell on it. It makes me irritated. And I think I pissed them off because my only response besides “I was doing xyz” was “ok.” I think they were betting I was going to react negatively or something. I like to think I’ve worked retail long enough to usually not get caught up in that kind of petty crap.

Speaking of buying things:

Jamie bought me the Charlie cookie jar! I’m so excited! I love Charlie; I think he’s adorable. Jamie said that he felt that he should buy me one because he’s had bad luck with our cookie jars lately (two tops broken) and we really need another cookie jar with a top.


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