Getting ready for Halloween

This is not all of them. Some are in a bag so I don’t re-wear them this month.

I thought it’d be a fun idea to wear a pair of my silly earrings every day until Halloween. Jamie is all for the idea and has encouraged me by buying a couple new pairs. I don’t think any of my coworkers have noticed what I’m doing and I’m fine with that.

I’ve failed wearing my skull heads the entire day because they are heavy and were starting to hurt my right ear, but I made it through most of my day. I’m having fun with it.

Also, we’re allowed to wear silly hats (the stipulation is we have to wear the hat every day until Halloween) and I’ve been wandering around with a witch’s hat (bright read with silk flowers, I call it my Nanny Ogg hat). Most people stop me and tell me they think it’s adorable or looks good with my face shape, coworkers are telling me that I’ve either stolen it from our store manager or tell me that it’s the perfect fit. I’ve had one person ask me where my broom was (in the shop) and multiple people ask me if I’m the good witch or the bad witch (depends on the situation)

I was wearing the hat and grabbing something out of the stock room the other day and had to laugh a bit. I’ve recently finished reading The Shepherd’s Crown (by Sir Terry Pratchett) and realized that Tiffany Aching is right. There is no good and bad witch, there’s just the witch who’s doing whatever is in front of her. I did the job in front of me and went to the next.

While wearing the Nanny Ogg-esque hat, I’ve had small children follow me screaming “It’s a witch! Daddy! It’s a witch!”, children being told that they are lying when they try to tell their parents that a witch just walked by and I have turned a corner, and on one occassion, have had a small child scream because “the witch is coming to steal me.”

Wow. What do you people teach your children?


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