…I can’t even remember when I last updated this thing.

I have a plan and the plan involves updating this thing as well. I realized that when I go to update my tumblr, I write more than just a paragraph or so and it looks really weird. At least, to me it looks weird (and I’m too lazy to look up how to do cuts on it). So, I figure if I want to write stuff up, like plans and whatnot, it’d be better to just do it here. Even if it is only for myself.


Jamie brought up the idea of having a goal notebook and he told me about it. It’s take 5 to 7 goals and make two your main and work towards achieving them. He asked if I’d like to do it with him and I said sure. His goals and my goals are slightly different, so he has his notebook and I have mine. He’s got four or five goals he wants to work towards while I currently have two (besides finances, that is a goal both of us are striving towards. I’m not counting it on here)

The first goal is to become a little bit more…spiritual? Or, at least, be a little bit better than the super lazy pagan that I am. I do not intend on carrying around a Book of Shadows and whatnot, but I want to see if I can do something for the eight holidays besides what I do for the three I usually celebrate, which is light stuff on fire and have a beer. (I usually do something for Samhain, Yule, and Beltane). It might be the usual light-stuff-on-fire-and-drink-beer, but it’ll be something.

The second goal is to work on my artsy-fartsy stuff.

I’m being a little more descriptive on my art goals, for instance:

+ Work on comics
– 4 thumbnails
– 4 penciled sketches
– 4 inked
– 4 finished
– Scan them

Then again, I need to scan all the comics I’ve done lately. I figure that if I can work in sections of 4, I can get more done and feel more accomplished by getting them done

+ Work on writing
– minimum 400 words per writing, although this isn’t a must. I’ve got a flash fiction piece that comes in at about 160 words and I think it’s pretty cool
– Work on finishing stories (this sounds easy, but I’m terrible at finishing stories)
– have a friend, or Jamie, read and critique

+ Work on yarn crafts
– I have lots of ideas
– hats
– scarves
– socks
– little toys
– stress balls
– etc


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