Say hello to our little friend

Jamie put in an application with the Virginia Reptile Rescue and got approved for a corn snake.

We have currently named him Grim and have learned that he is a sneaky little bastard.

Thinking that we had gotten too-small of a tree for him to hide in and crawl on, we never even thought of looking to see if there were any spots inside it that he could squeeze himself into. (it’s one of the “statue” type logs from Petsmart, has spots for hiding in), and we were informed that his setup (we took photos of it to show Bonnie from VRR to make sure we had set it up right) was perfect and should be good for the next couple years or so. So, we set him up and Jamie went to look in on him and we lost him.

We tore the house apart, threw all of the cats except for Mr Uggs into the bathroom (and shut the vent to the bathroom), and our friend David (reptile fanatic, the guy we gave our beardie too and he loves her to death) came by the house to help us look and see if we were forgetting anything. We put flour down on the floor in the room where Grim’s setup is, thawed a pinkie, and cut on the heat lamp. We were convinced that he had gotten into the central-air vent (the only place he could’ve gotten to).

Shortly after David left, Jamie went to check in the room where the tank is and found Grim poking his head out of the log.

The log all three of us had picked up and glanced at, or turned upside down, to see if he was in there.

There is a small wedge-area up in the corner that he had squished himself into. Perfectly safe and sound. I picked up the pinkie with the tongs, rinsed it off, heated it back up, and stuck it in the tank. He gobbled it up almost immedately, and Jamie promptly recorded it.

Me, I can’t watch a snake eat. It’s something about unhinging a jaw and swallowing food whole that squicks me out. But, I did find a weak point in the locking-top to the cage and we’ve fixed that (a thick textbook)


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