hopefully a success

Jamie and I have decided to attempt to do a garden this year. The trouble is the monkeys and how we are going to keep them out of the area that Jamie has tilled (and have it be unlike the last time we tilled an area of the backyard, had another frost come, and had Firefly dig up anything that we attempted to put in. the area is still rather uneven in places, but the dogs don’t seem to notice). He’s going to be tilling the area for a second time this weekend so we can get things a bit smoother.

While that’s going on, Jamie had originally just bought two lights and were going to string them up from the ceiling in the Purple Room (aka: the bunny room; formerly: the cat room), but then we both remembered that it is our house and therefore would not be safe to put lights up using nothing more than those little screw-in hooks. So, we went to Lowes (ok, Jamie went back to Lowes and at that point I was awake enough to go along), bought a cheap-o plastic shelving, another fixture and another set of lights, and created our own little germination area. Jamie pointed out that the $50 that was spent altogether was still cheaper than the indoor germination pods that were being sold.

Apparently we’re doing something right.

It’s been about a week and a half to two weeks. The cucumbers and turnips sprouted first, then the kale and tomatoes. We’re fully expecting to see sprouts from the pumpkin seeds by Saturday (they were “planted” this past Sunday) because all of the plants have seemed to have gone: fuck this, let’s get growing! So, hopefully by the time we can actually plant things outside (which, the farmer’s almanac states should be April 14th), we won’t be run over by hordes of pots (and Odwalla boxes) that are threatening to explode greenery everywhere.

We’ll also be putting up fencing (because of Firefly)  around the area where the little garden is going to be and, paws crossed, this year will be the year when we rip up the ancient “fence” divider that is between our yard and our neighbor’s yard (we both agree it needs to go, they can’t afford it and every time we make plans to do it, something happens) and replace it with a nice fence. This will give me a chance to continue the Fight Against The Poison Ivy and That Damned Vine because I, of course, will be the one ripping out the fence and putting it in. Because, frankly, I really do not want to sit in a doctor’s office so Jamie can have his shot-and-pill combo this early in the year (he’s allergic to, well, practically anything that grows. but, he’s very allergic to the poison ivy, poison oak, sumac, virginia creeper, etc).

If we are successful, we will have:: The Veggiepocalypse(!) as well as Attack of the Killer Pumpkins(!). If all goes well, Halloween will be very fun this year (and I will require a new dremel, some wooden spikes, and possibly some little tealight candles among other things)


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