trying to get my mind off it

(note:: I’m rambly, I’m trying to keep my mind off of what happened this morning, so deal.)

Uggs has decided to go batshit crazy. Running and sliding into the cubes, chasing toys, etc. It’s awesome.


Let’s see…


I had numerous people get pissed off because they thought I was fucking around, being rude, or whatever. Quite a number of them saw my sign but chose to ignore it and quite a few did the “I’m going to shove All The Things in front of your sign then get pissy when you don’t answer.”

I had a few people demand I answer them.

I had a guy read my sign and the following happened::

Guy: Hey, she’s a squirrell, she can’t talk.
Son: You can’t talk
Me: *shakes head and smiles*
Guy: If she talks, she’ll turn into a cucumber.
Son: Seriously, you can’t talk?

The guy then offered me $100 to talk and his son was like “I bet you a million dollars you’d talk.” lol

I also had a kid run up to my register after I’d gotten back asking if I was open, I nodded and assumed she was with the adults who were right behind her (one of whom she hit). She hopped closer to the scanner and put her hand on the counter and just stood there. The guy behind her just gave me this really dirty look like “are you kidding me?”

And then the little snot’s parents showed up. The mother just went “why didn’t you let those people ahead of you?” but did nothing to apologize for the kid’s behaviour. I smiled and waved to the parents as the little snot shoved her basketball in my face, and attempted to ignore the father’s shitty behaviour. After I rang out their Two Whole Items(!), the father gave me this really nasty DIAF look because I smiled and handed him his receipt.

The couple, whom the kid had gotten in front of and did the above, never said a word. They also had time to read my sign and decided to ignore it. The guy decided instead to throw the 8-pack of paper towels at my face and have a super shitty attitude. The chick decided to ignore everything completely.

Yep, y’all have a nice night and I hope your bags bust.

While I was away from the register and putting returns in their bins, I got to witness the following:

A guy had come to return two of those night-light pillow pet things, he did not have his receipt. The girl doing returns refused to process the return (our store has a policy of: if it is over $25 and you do not have your reciept, we will not refund you in any way). The guy demanded to speak with A Manager.

Our front-end supervisor shows up (because that’s how we work; if things get worse, it goes to whomever is assistant manager at the time, if there is one available) and the employee informs him of what’s up. The guy cuts her off and explains that these two items were Birthday Presents given to his kids (on Specific Date) and that “that girl” refuses to refund him. They were *Birthday Presents*! He deserves a refund!

The supervisor asks politely if he has the reciept. He says of course he doesn’t! They were *Birthday Presents*! For His Kids! The supervisor explains that it is our store policy that if you do not have a receipt, we offer store credit for items up to $25; anything above $25 we do not do any sort of refunds for.

The guy demands to know where this policy is. The supervisor calmly explains that it is not posted, the particular piece of policy that is needed is open-ended so the store manager can make the limit that s/he wants and that each store has a different monetary limit (is true, some stores are $15, some stores are $50 or $100, it all depends on the store manager). The guy cuts off the supervisor: “Oh, so you’re not the manager?! I’m not speaking to the manager?! I want to speak to The Manager!”

The supervisor calmly explains that she has left for the day and the guy demands why (yes, because our store manager is here 24/7 because work is more important that sleep and her family). I can easily see the supervisor just stopping the conversation, apologizing and telling this guy that he is being rude and refuses to continue with the discussion further before walking off, however: he does not. He explains that our store manager is usually here during the morning/day and leaves around 5-6 pm, and that currently he is the only one who is here.

So, this guy demands her number. Our supervisor goes “Ok, just a moment.” and writes down the store number (as per policy), the guy looks at it and goes “what is this?!” The supervisor explains that it is the number, says yes it is the store number but all he has to do is call it and ask for our store manager (he’s written her name down) and the guy is livid. He demands *her* number, not the *store* number. He fully expects to have a private number that goes directly to a voicemail just for the store manager and then starts demanding her personal number. The supervisor refuses politely and states that he does not have access to her personal number.

The guy then demands the number for corporate before going off about how “if he knew” about this “stupid” policy, he wouldn’t have “wasted the gas” and “spent all this time” waiting in line and coming to the store. Really? You could’ve called and asked, moron.

The supervisor asks if there’s anything else he can do. The guy snottily goes “You haven’t helped me at all, how could you do anything else?” The supervisor starts to leave and goes “Ok, you have a wonderful night sir.” and if I could’ve laughed I would.

One of my coworkers said if I don’t start talking soon, she’s going to teach me some ASL. I told her I’m learning a tiny bit, but hey, I’m all for any tips/tricks. She said that when her daughter was sick and in the hospital, they spoke via ASL because her daughter had tubes down her throat (she had learned as a kid due to something or other, she didn’t say and I didn’t ask, and her husband had checked out all the ASL books he could so he could talk to her while she was in the hospital! that’s so awesome). Her husband, a while later, said that if I don’t start talking soon, he’s going to kidnap me and take me to see his doctor. I told him no, I don’t have the money and he said, that’s fine, I’ll pay for it. I kept “saying” no and shaking my head (I don’t want anyone to do that) and while I appreciate the offer, I don’t want to have anyone feel like they have to do anything like that for me.

They’re a wonderful couple and I love them to death. They’ve always been so sweet to me, but I don’t want anyone to feel like they need to do something like that.


Moms came through my line today and had a package of Sour Watermellon Peeps. I know they (Just Born, Inc) like to bring out something new in time for Easter and I thought it was just going to be the Hollow Chocolate Egg (with Peep Inside!!), but apparently the watermellon thing as well. Moms said they were really good and ripped open the package after I rang her up so she could give me two (she asked me if I wanted to try it and I shrugged, I wasn’t expecting it).

I tried one of the peeps when I didn’t have anyone to ring out and…it was really weird. It was Peeps, then sour, then jolly rancher, then Sour Watermellon Jolly Rancher Peeps. I made a face just in time for one of my coworkers to turn around and see me. She cracked up to so much she fell over one of the counters and said that it was revenge for me making fun of how she reacted to one of the Cold-Eez zinc lozenges


This morning::

I love our vets. They are amazing and wonderful and I will take anyone down who says anything against them. BJ demanded a hug from both Jamie and myself. We also got a hug from one of the front-end ladies (she also said she’d been thinking about us all week)

Our vet gave Izzers anti-anxiety/relax medication for a dog twice her size. She freaked out and didn’t relax. She sat and looked around, ready to go home. The vet went back to get more and gave her anti-anxiety medication for a dog three times her size. She got a few snores in and got the last laugh by peeing on the vet. 

I didn’t realize how anxious/nervous/etc she was until that moment. But, she’s finally relaxed, she’s resting peacefully. I miss my Izzy-butt.


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