Trying for “normal”

Jamie and I are trying to get back into a somewhat normal routine. He’s been more mindful of his diet and excersize routine (he does power lifting and thankfully works with a trainer that does not believe in the “see food” diet [see food: eat it]) and we’ve been trying to get back into our normal routine for the dogs. 

Izzy is not being treated any different. They all know they did something bad, but aren’t completely sure what it was; but they’re not being punished or forced to stay in their crates all day. Everyone’s getting Ensure in their food, they’re being let out for longer periods of time (because it’s the weekend and thankfully I happen to have it off), and we’re making sure that their injuries are taken care of. We have super-powerful vet-perscribed-only medication that we’re putting on the dogs for their scratches so they heal. Firefly hates it, but I don’t blame her. We’ve been taking extra precautions with her because her punctures/scratches are all over her face.

Izzy’s ear is looking better and we found this morning that Bug’s ear got jacked up too, so we’re taking care of that. Hobbes seems to be the only one who didn’t get hit with a claw.

Izzy’s also been getting some extra treats in her food dish (chicken, sweet potatoes, etc).

Stimpy has been acting more lovey lately because Algea’s not here. Jamie keeps taking him and talking to him, telling him what happened and whatnot. He’s been spending a lot of time laying on the bed beside Snooch.

In lighter news (I guess, ha). I’m still kind of sick, still can’t really talk for shit. I’m sure some of my coworkers will give me hell for not being able to talk and whatnot. I’d just like to stop whatever this is. I’m tired of being winded when attempting to talk or walking up the basement steps. 


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