Warning: This is not a nice post. This will be discussing some pet-related things that most people do not want to talk about. (and, because I still feel like hell, fuck it. I’m writing it anyway. You can either read it or you can leave)

I will not be going too in-depth for reasons.

Yesterday after Jamie got home, it was a fairly nice evening, so we opened the windows. One of the windows in the cat room has a spot where the screen has been busted open (due to Stimpy being a fat-cat and squishing himself until he fell out) and we have not fixed it because, well, we just haven’t and we’ve misplaced the window-screen cutter thing.

We fed the dogs early, so we could have a lazy night together, and not thinking about it, let them out. 

Algernon was outside.

Algea had gotten out (because for whatever reason he likes to sit on the porch) and Izzy went after him. He tried getting away and tried getting back into the house, but because of Izzy, the other dogs were trying to get to him too. I started kicking the dogs (because, as is mentioned in any spat-problems or your dog trying to eat a groundhog like Firefly did within her first year of us having her, it is not safe to put your hands into the problem. You shake bottles, you whack sticks against the house, or you kick). 

This is not something I am proud of, this is not something I recommend (it’s like using shock collars to “train” your dogs), but it was the only thing I could do. 

With Hobbes, if you play kick his butt, he’ll slink off and hang back, but I had to kick him pretty hard and he was the first to the backdoor. I managed to yell for Jamie (a feat since it’s hard to talk in general) and got Bug in the butt, but Izzy just kept going back to Algea. 

Jamie got all the dogs into the house and put them in their crates, called our vet’s office and grabbed a towel. Algea managed to get himself into a position where the dogs wouldn’t get him and just growled. He tried to attack me, but Jamie was able to get the towel around him and we rushed off to our vet’s office.

Algea attacked the nurse who tried to take him from me, but just unhooked his claws and had me walk him back to the surgery table they have in the back, where two nurses and Dr J and Dr K were waiting. Algea tried to attack all four of them, but they were able to dope him up with some pain meds and we agreed that it’d be best if we went to EVS.

We almost got into a car accident because the person in front of us, while we were on our way, kept slowing down to 15 mph and slamming on their breaks. When Jamie went to pass them, they sped up to about 60 and tried to side-swipe him. Jamie was fully expecting a police officer to follow us.

Got into EVS, and realized that we did not have the Care Credit card (fffffuuuuuu), but the staff was understanding and said to call when we got home (which we did). We were all expecting the worst for Algea, so Jamie and I got little-to-no sleep.

They were afraid his jaw was broken or dislocated–found out it’s not. They were afraid of his trachea being torn, crushed, or collapsed–and thankfully it’s not. They double checked for internal bleeding, fractures, etc. 

We picked him up this morning to take him back to our vet’s office for just basic observation. He’d been weaned off of oxygen and had been going good since 4 am (when he was completely off of it), he doesn’t need any IV fluid at our vet’s office (he’s got a frog-wrap on his leg! it’s kind of adorable). The worst for him is some swelling in his head and neck (he did just get attacked by a dog and did fall–from trying to get back into the house), the puncture that’s in his ear (near the base of his skull), and a teeny tiny little bit of dried blood at the corner of his eye. And some broken nails.

He’s cost us a lot, but thankfully we’d just got the Care Credit card balance to zero (just in time to max it out with this) and thankfully he’s ok.

When I dropped him off at our vet’s office this morning, I told them to beware because now Algea smells bad (dirt, blood, old leaves, hospital smell. not a good combination) and Dr K came out to double check that it’s just a basic observation and then became very serious.

He pointed out that it would be a very good idea to consider (_____) with Izzy. Because it’s just a matter of time before it escalates into something worse, like her attacking a child (we go through a lot of preparations if anyone brings a kid to our house), attacking and killing a cat, or attacking one of us. (we had an entire conversation about it without actually saying the word) I pointed out that Izzy has in fact tried attacking the cats before, has bitten me, bitten Jamie a couple of times, went after Rhonda, and has tried to attack Jamie’s dad. 

We have gone through training (Izzy  has passed basic and advanced obedience classes), personal at-home training (with the same trainer, she is also liscenced (or whatever it is) to do CGC certifications and if Izzy hadn’t had failed like two things, she’d be CGC certified), we have done blood tests, we have done extra nutrition (regular vanilla Ensure, as recommended by Dr K). But, she did start this during the 18-24 month period, where the brain clicks and they get their “real” personality. I was hoping she’d be like Firefly (a butt for a couple months and then back to being herself), but she’s always had problems. We have done everything that we can think of to not come up to The Decision, which we’ve also been putting off for months.

But, the vet did point out that it is something we have to seriously consider and he’ll back us up on whatever we decide.

It’s not something anyone wants to consider.

This is not something I’m sure most anyone wants to discuss. It’s something that “happens to other people,” not someone you know directly (or yourself). So, later today, we’re going to have a serious discussion about Izzy with our vet.


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