So…at the beginning of February, I wound up in the ER because of things. The doctor determined that, since I was able to get up and walk (clumsily, but I did not fall!) to the restroom after…quite a lot of morphine, I did not have bacterial meningitis. There was the possibility of viral, but after the…kind of high doses of headache relief injectables, I was able to move my head around. I also refused a lumbar puncture because, while it is hilarious when your doctor says “I need to extract some brain juices,” I do not like needles. They don’t numb you for that shit and if they thought it was bacterial, yes I’d do it, but unless I have the risk of losing limbs: no.

So I was informed I have a viral infection in my lungs (yay) and a cold that turned into a massive cold that caused dehydration (no, the dehydration came from not being able to swallow more than a mouthful or two of water, puking it back up with a lot of mucus, and then coming to the ER), and “here’s a perscription for (super) ibprofen, zantac, and headache pills.” No medication for the infection, nothing for the continous coughing, which has caused me to have no voice for 2 1/2 weeks now (yay, I gave myself laryngitis) 

Had Jamie call into work for me because I can’t talk, and the next day we went to urgent care to find out he’s got viral bronchitis and the flu. Awesome. After three days off work, I went to work, worked half a day and begged to go home via notepad and had Jamie take me to urgent care. The doctor was concerned that nothing was perscribed for the infection and wrote out a perscription for a 5-day Z-pack, which I don’t think did a damn thing. Spent a couple more days off work. (in the span of 7/8 days, I worked 4 hours. omg)

Then! This past Wednesday, Roanoke actually got hit with snow. The joke of “Watch out, Southerners driving in ‘snow’ flurries” is very true for our area. Jamie pointed out that he’d heard on the radio that if anyone under 18 says they’d never seen this much snow, it was true because it’s been that long since we’d gotten a good snow. I had to leave work early on Wednesday (and found on the next day that the reason why I’m so irritated is because of the headache medication the ER doctor perscribed: less frequent side effect is extreme irritability), thankfully had Thursday off, and went in on Friday.

Found out yesterday that last Thursday, there were less than 10 people working (for our store, that’s beyond skeleton crew), and on Friday, there were only 5 cashiers (me being one of them), which explains why we were assigned instead of checking our badges. And then the roof started leaking so one of the registers is closed down, but we keep getting assigned to it.

I still can’t talk, my head is killing me, I don’t think that infection went away (because it hurts to breathe, I’ve been wheezing off and on, and I shouldn’t be getting worn out as fast as I’ve been lately), and I’m just…tired of it. I’m tired of being sick, I want this to go away but it’s not, and it seems like more and more symptoms of something keeps piling up.


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