ramble ramble ramble


So, I printed off my list of knitting projects and found that I’ve done quite a few of them. They’re not listed as “I want to do (X) amount of (y) project” but more like: I want to do (x), (y), and (z).

I’ve finished mom’s Tom Baker/Doctor Who scarf. I’m still not sure why she wants one besides the fact that it’s…a really fucking ugly colour combination. (hey, chocolate brown and a light pink is a really ugly colour combination, but sometimes it works out really well) And she loves scarves.

I also made her a…really ugly scarf out of this yarn that was labeled as “tearose.” As a skein, it looks great. As a created project, it’s really fucking ugly. But, I’m pretty sure mom will love it.

Jamie spent some time fixing up the vet paperwork and we came across some things that we didn’t realize.

Apparently Stimpy is a month older than Algernon, which is really weird because the information on their kennels were that Stimpy was you weeks younger than Algea. Although, this definitely explains why Algea’s been pretty annoying lately. So, this means that Stimpy turns 1 in March while Algea is April. oO;

Also, apparently Bug is a month older than Hobbes. So Bug is now 6 while Hobbes won’t be 6 until next month (uhh…Feb 10th, so a little over a week!). And Izzy turns 4 in June, which explains a lot.

And lastly:

On Monday, our local newspaper reported that a guy was charged with murder. I’d glanced at the article, but didn’t think anything of it. A friend of ours sent a link, from a local newsstation site, to me via FB asking if I’d remembered the guy from our Factory days. I read the article and realized, holy shit, we hung out with this guy a couple of times and he did what he tried doing last year.

This morning, the same friend sent a link from our newspaper describing where the police found his mom’s headless body. The article also describes something that points out that our local legal and mental health systems need work:

This guy was charged with 2nd degree attempted murder, the next year he was charged with malicious wounding, and this year he’s charged with murder. Same guy, same victim.



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