Gone Plannin’

I’m trying to make a mental note to do things instead of saying “I was thinking about doing _____.” 

Today I had a Little Old Lady tell me “Don’t make the bags too heavy. I’m a little old man.” She was dead serious. I also had an older lady tell me “Can you put them in different bags? I don’t want them bruised.” These were two plastic salad serving bowls. I’m still trying to figure out how you “bruise” plastic dishes. 

And: I had a gentleman put a few things on the counter, look at how much he’d spent, put a few more things on the counter, then stop and tell me “These things right here, I don’t want.” It was a handful of things (canned fruit, store brand “sports drink,” and a couple Jumex juices; less than $8 worth of foodstuff.) I put them behind the counter and he handed me 2 cds ($12 each: Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift) and a bottle of Fabreeze (not store brand). Dude, your priorities need to be fixed. $8 in a couple more bits of food vs. $24 in cds and a $4 bottle of Fabreeze? Really?

I’ve been writing down little tidbits of things at work to make or do. I’m pretty sure that if anyone would bother to look at would think I was a weirdo because today’s list included:

+ ATK; S.N 
+ little bags
+ Eyeballs
+ Slenderman!
+ grocery list


I’ve printed out the list I made a couple months ago of knitting projects I wanted to tackle. Looking through it, I have managed to tackle a couple of these:

+ Octoballs (they’re fun)
+ Slenderman (1 13-inch, 1 who is currently missing his legs for some reason, and the feet for the Mander-size version)
+ Doctor Who scarves (mine [13ft], 2 for Jeff (director/creator of Stella B), 2 everyday wear [1 for a friend, 1 for one of my favorite authors], 1 everyday wear that’s almost finished [needs fringe; it’s for my mom])
+ Medusa hat (request from a friend)
+ Gryffindor scarf (1 finished, 1 mostly-finished)
+ Jayne hat
+ Shamrock
+ Candy corn (well, I did make a candy corn hat about 2 years ago and I’d like to make another one)
+ tutus (yes, I know they’re not knitting projects, but! I was able to make a tutu for all of the girls [green, blue, and the “layered cake” for Izzy])
+ “snarfs” (dog scarves). I’ve made…two? three?
+ rainbow scarf (it has no fringe, I don’t know if I want to do fringe on it)
+ a winter headband thingy
+ sandworm (unfinished: he doesn’t have eyes or teeth)
+ scrubbies (I can make a lot of scrubbies)

Typing all of this up makes me realize just how much I have made lately. I didn’t think I’d made all that much, but here it is. I’m pretty surprised at myself.

And lately I feel like I haven’t been doing much with knitting oO;; 

I had a friend of ours (Logan) hand me a skein of yarn and go: this is for you, the only thing I ask is that you make me a scarf please. I have made the scarf and…promptly lost it. How? Easy. 


Speaking of scarves. I had been thinking about how no one would be interested in liking what I make (because really, I don’t think most people like my work and most people aren’t interested in handmade scarves/hats or whathaveyou), but then I go to work and I see these…really fucking ugly peices of work where someone took an entire skein of chunky yarn and did the super loose “finger knitting/crochet” single stitch or took an entire skein of 4-ply, quartered/eigthed it and then turned it into an “infinity” scarf. It’s just loose strands of yarn, and these people are wearing it like it’s this major fashion statement or a “look what I can do!” It makes me want to make more things


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