ramble ramble ramble


So, I printed off my list of knitting projects and found that I’ve done quite a few of them. They’re not listed as “I want to do (X) amount of (y) project” but more like: I want to do (x), (y), and (z).

I’ve finished mom’s Tom Baker/Doctor Who scarf. I’m still not sure why she wants one besides the fact that it’s…a really fucking ugly colour combination. (hey, chocolate brown and a light pink is a really ugly colour combination, but sometimes it works out really well) And she loves scarves.

I also made her a…really ugly scarf out of this yarn that was labeled as “tearose.” As a skein, it looks great. As a created project, it’s really fucking ugly. But, I’m pretty sure mom will love it.

Jamie spent some time fixing up the vet paperwork and we came across some things that we didn’t realize.

Apparently Stimpy is a month older than Algernon, which is really weird because the information on their kennels were that Stimpy was you weeks younger than Algea. Although, this definitely explains why Algea’s been pretty annoying lately. So, this means that Stimpy turns 1 in March while Algea is April. oO;

Also, apparently Bug is a month older than Hobbes. So Bug is now 6 while Hobbes won’t be 6 until next month (uhh…Feb 10th, so a little over a week!). And Izzy turns 4 in June, which explains a lot.

And lastly:

On Monday, our local newspaper reported that a guy was charged with murder. I’d glanced at the article, but didn’t think anything of it. A friend of ours sent a link, from a local newsstation site, to me via FB asking if I’d remembered the guy from our Factory days. I read the article and realized, holy shit, we hung out with this guy a couple of times and he did what he tried doing last year.

This morning, the same friend sent a link from our newspaper describing where the police found his mom’s headless body. The article also describes something that points out that our local legal and mental health systems need work:

This guy was charged with 2nd degree attempted murder, the next year he was charged with malicious wounding, and this year he’s charged with murder. Same guy, same victim.



Gone Plannin’

I’m trying to make a mental note to do things instead of saying “I was thinking about doing _____.” 

Today I had a Little Old Lady tell me “Don’t make the bags too heavy. I’m a little old man.” She was dead serious. I also had an older lady tell me “Can you put them in different bags? I don’t want them bruised.” These were two plastic salad serving bowls. I’m still trying to figure out how you “bruise” plastic dishes. 

And: I had a gentleman put a few things on the counter, look at how much he’d spent, put a few more things on the counter, then stop and tell me “These things right here, I don’t want.” It was a handful of things (canned fruit, store brand “sports drink,” and a couple Jumex juices; less than $8 worth of foodstuff.) I put them behind the counter and he handed me 2 cds ($12 each: Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift) and a bottle of Fabreeze (not store brand). Dude, your priorities need to be fixed. $8 in a couple more bits of food vs. $24 in cds and a $4 bottle of Fabreeze? Really?

I’ve been writing down little tidbits of things at work to make or do. I’m pretty sure that if anyone would bother to look at would think I was a weirdo because today’s list included:

+ ATK; S.N 
+ little bags
+ Eyeballs
+ Slenderman!
+ grocery list


I’ve printed out the list I made a couple months ago of knitting projects I wanted to tackle. Looking through it, I have managed to tackle a couple of these:

+ Octoballs (they’re fun)
+ Slenderman (1 13-inch, 1 who is currently missing his legs for some reason, and the feet for the Mander-size version)
+ Doctor Who scarves (mine [13ft], 2 for Jeff (director/creator of Stella B), 2 everyday wear [1 for a friend, 1 for one of my favorite authors], 1 everyday wear that’s almost finished [needs fringe; it’s for my mom])
+ Medusa hat (request from a friend)
+ Gryffindor scarf (1 finished, 1 mostly-finished)
+ Jayne hat
+ Shamrock
+ Candy corn (well, I did make a candy corn hat about 2 years ago and I’d like to make another one)
+ tutus (yes, I know they’re not knitting projects, but! I was able to make a tutu for all of the girls [green, blue, and the “layered cake” for Izzy])
+ “snarfs” (dog scarves). I’ve made…two? three?
+ rainbow scarf (it has no fringe, I don’t know if I want to do fringe on it)
+ a winter headband thingy
+ sandworm (unfinished: he doesn’t have eyes or teeth)
+ scrubbies (I can make a lot of scrubbies)

Typing all of this up makes me realize just how much I have made lately. I didn’t think I’d made all that much, but here it is. I’m pretty surprised at myself.

And lately I feel like I haven’t been doing much with knitting oO;; 

I had a friend of ours (Logan) hand me a skein of yarn and go: this is for you, the only thing I ask is that you make me a scarf please. I have made the scarf and…promptly lost it. How? Easy. 


Speaking of scarves. I had been thinking about how no one would be interested in liking what I make (because really, I don’t think most people like my work and most people aren’t interested in handmade scarves/hats or whathaveyou), but then I go to work and I see these…really fucking ugly peices of work where someone took an entire skein of chunky yarn and did the super loose “finger knitting/crochet” single stitch or took an entire skein of 4-ply, quartered/eigthed it and then turned it into an “infinity” scarf. It’s just loose strands of yarn, and these people are wearing it like it’s this major fashion statement or a “look what I can do!” It makes me want to make more things

staring at the screen

I love old radio shows. Sometimes I catch myself staring at the computer screen, drawn into the story that’s going on. Jamie and I agreed that listening to podcasts is a lot like listening to old radio shows. I’ve also been meaning to download episodes of Relic Radio to give to my grandmother because she loves Westerns and my uncle loves suspense/horror (like: The Whistler, The Weird Circle, Lights Out, etc).

Work is supposed to “taper down” a bit since it’s the middle of January, but someone up the corporate ladder decided that it’d be a better idea if everyone got their hours cut (well, everyone who isn’t salaried), which has caused a lot of stress on everyone (including customers). People are quitting left and right, and apparently higher ups are very confused by this.

On a lighter note:

Jamie re-sealed the basement floor during his Christmas vacation and it still smells a bit like paint. There are painted crickets down there now, which is kind of unnerving if you just happen to glance at them, and there are flecks of the oil-based paint all over the bathtub. Uggs managed to get into it and had to wear the cone for about a week while we scrubbed it off of him and let it wear out of his fur. He tried melting the cone off of him at one point (because we have a kerosene heater and it was fucking cold), so it was taken off of him and he is fine. He is his normal grumpy cat self.

I have decided: fuck it. I am tired of saying “I was thinking about doing _____” and instead I should just fucking do it. For instance, I had mentioned that I was thinking about applying to a former job and I went to go do it (no positions available at this time, but, again: it’s January). I was thinking about updating this thing and fuckit. I am doing it.

And, oddly, Mom’s decided that she really wants a Doctor Who scarf (with requests of “not as long as that one”), which I find hilarious because she’s not a fan of the series. She just really likes scarves and had taken a liking to my DW/Tom Baker scarf. I’m almost done with the scarf part and will have the fringe stuff left to do and it made me realize that I should totally make more of these.

In general, the Doctor Who scarf is really fucking long.  My personal scarf is 13ft long, I have made a 17ft long one for the creator of Stella B, and I’ve made a couple that I call the “everyday wear” which are about 6ft long. I enjoy making them and I know of maybe a small handful of people who actually own a Doctor Who scarf. Sure, there are probably people who own them and only have them to show off as costume pieces, but there should be people who can wear these any time it’s cold (like I do. Yes, I am That Weirdo who wears a 13ft long scarf when it’s cold. I like my scarf)