+ It is official. I am a Crazy Cat Lady (no I will not throw the cat at you). We have reached the legal limit of cats we are allowed to own in our city (this number is 6)

+ This brings the total of animals in our house up to 12. I swore we would never do this again, but here we are. Eventually I will update the “Pets Info” page to have everything up-to-date (apparently my dates for the dogs are a little off, whoops) Dante is still grumpy and clinging to life (apparently we are doing something right. What it is, I have no idea).

+ Speaking of pets: Snooch spent almost 3 weeks living under our neighbor’s shed in a gopher hole. He finally got hungry enough (and possibly bored enough) to come and sit on Jamie’s lap while he was sitting on the porch talking to him and trying to coax him in.

Snooch also went to Angels of Assisi for an emergency checkup to make sure he didn’t catch anything and have his ass microchipped. The vet tech mentioned that he was overweight. He lost weight while outside, but he is still overweight enough to where the vet/vet tech still recommends a diet food (he also went to AoA because everyone there had been rooting for him to come back home)

+ Work has decided to play Christmas music non-stop. It’s not like the classic Bing Crosby kind of music either, it’s mainly this fucked up Kidz Bop kind of version that has had employees exclaiming thoughts of suicide. This is mainly because in the stock room, that shit is 2-3 times louder than out on the floor.

I am not looking forward to working next week where people will exclaim that they “feel bad” that we (the employees) have to work on Christmas eve. Well, if you didn’t shop here, we could go home.

Work also sent out Christmas cards exclaiming “Have the hap hap happiest Christmas ever!” with 3 photos on it: 2 managers beside a tree; 3 managers around a cart with the largest bags of dogfood they could find; and most of the managers standing in front of a station wagon (80s era) with a tree strapped to the top. This is kind of hilarious and I probably only would’ve gotten the dog food photo if I hadn’t watched “Christmas Vacation” (which I haven’t seen in forever).

+ I had to pull apart Logan’s scarf and have decided to use a French Knitter to make mom’s scarf. I have officially lost it.


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