a bit overwhelmed

+ Work is…work. I have now seen Polar Express ten times (five on Sunday and Five on Tuesday). I have no seen the film so many times that I now want to write a ghost story involving a train and work on film reviews again (because I’m sure I wouldn’t be the first person to bitch about how someone got the train specs wrong: you can’t stop, nor start, a train that fast; if a train does that, everyone would be dead; if a train were to hit something going that speed, at that angle, it would derail; etc)

Work’s been going through its spurts of dead and super busy. It’s only going to get worse as we get closer to Christmas. For the most part, people have been really pleasant, but then I’ll get the assholes who just want to fuck everything up (like the guy complaining that no one was in my department while I was in the middle of getting a customer’s order. the jackass continued to bitch on his phone while I came back, apologized to my customer, and he (the jackass) bitched about “no one’s here” while staring at me while I was working)

+ Jamie and I are trying to get a detailed list of everything that we need to get for Christmas presents for people. We’ve got a couple of things from here and there, but it’s better to have a list so we know what we’ve got and what we need to get. I’m hoping that I can do something really cool for Mom this year.

+ Last week, we went out to go get cat litter (we have to buy ours from Petsmart because Mr Uggs starts having problems if we use “normal” litter) and when we got home, we found that the backdoor was wide open–the wind had blown the door open. We ran in, Mr Uggs was in the bedroom, but Stimpy was sitting on the porch (and we chased him back inside) and then realized that Snooch was out. We chased him, trying to catch him, and fat boy ran, climbed the fence, and disappeared. We spent over two hours trying to catch him.

We almost got him when he was in the drainage ditch that’s built right under the driveway in the front yard, but poor Snooch is not all that smart and instead of running into the cat carrier, he ran towards Jamie (who was tossing pebbles to get him to move), got past him, and darted into our neighbor’s yard. Our neighbors have been really awesome about us trekking in their yard multiple times a day, leaving food, and having a live trap beside their shed. We found that Snooch has been hiding under their shed. In a groundhog hole.

But, we haven’t had any luck. The closer we get to the weekend, the more it’s solidified that we may not ever get him to come back. I hate that because it is getting colder and I don’t want anything bad to happen to him. We’ve sent information to the RCACP and I went in today to see if anyone was able to pick him up, but they haven’t gotten any reports on him nor has anyone caught him and turned him in. Jamie said someone had sent in information about seeing a tuxedo cat that kind of matched the description of Snoochie, but it was a few miles away and we’d seen him nearby around the same time.


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