[a numbness from work]

(I wanted to update, but I really have no idea what I’d be writing about)

+ Jamie pointed out that I should write a scary story and attempt to submit it to Pseudopod or No Sleep (or even the reddit page) and see what happened.

+ My resolve for writing has gotten a little better. Someone I know recently self-published a book and the local library wants a copy of it and a large company is considering carrying the book. Damnit, if they can write-and-publish a book, then so can I.

+ I’ve found that I am now in the headspace to read Sam Vimes stories. I really enjoyed Snuff and finished Thud! last night. I started Men at Arms this morning and I’m really enjoying it.  It’s fun to see how Detritus is learning the art of coppering and now I kind of want my own copper badge.

+ Work is…insane. I did a lot of stuff on Friday and yesterday learned that, for whatever reason, all of the orders that I worked on didn’t set correctly. For whatever reason, the person I was working with and I couldn’t fix it at all. I left a note as to what was happening and apologizing, pointing out that they went through on Friday, but as of Sunday, they’ve gone sideways.

I found out today that the person who helped me on Friday had the same problem I did yesterday, but didn’t feel it was important enough to mention it Friday night. They mentioned it halfway through my shift today as though it wasn’t a problem and then I found out later that it was basically my problem and I am now pretty much on my own. Yay.

+ Work will only get worse as the holiday season continues. I am not looking forward to this.

+ There are times where I really wish I didn’t have to work for The Man and just work for myself (writing, making things, farming, owning a bookshop, etc). I’m so tired.


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