Scaredy Cat

Last night, Jamie started hearing this noise. It was a creepy, scratching, scrabbly noise coming from the front of the house. Being the normal, slightly paranoid people that we are, we grabbed a baseball bat and slowly worked our way to the front door.

I cut on the light and didn’t see any shadows pop up through the door, but the noise kept on coming. It kind of sounded like someone was trying to hack their way into the house . Jamie opened the door and cautiously peeked outside.

“What the fuck” was his first reaction, then he set down the baseball bat and went outside. He came back in with Stimpson (one of the kittens). We then immediately went into the kitten/bunny room and found that Algernon (the other kitten) was scrabbling to get back inside.

One of them had busted a hole in the window screen (we had the windows in the house open for a couple hours) and they went outside.

Jamie pulled Algernon back inside through the hole that was created and we got a good laugh out of it.

Algernon went outside, apparently went “fuck this,” and attempted to get back in where he fell out of. He didn’t explore or run away, thankfully. Stimpson went outside into the Wide World, and made his way through the yard and to the front porch. Apparently he didn’t like being outside either and his attempts to get back inside caught our attention.

I’m just really glad they didn’t care for the outside. I feel really bad that they wound up outside by accident, but at least there’s a chance that they won’t attempt to get out again.



On a side note: Ugly has a a puncture behind his left ear, so the vet shaved it. He’s starting to scratch at it, so now he has A Cone. He is currently lumped up, pouting, and plotting our demise.


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