Being cheap for Halloween

This is not a screen-accurate version of a Jayne Cobb outfit.

Yes, it is a little messy in the bedroom.

A few things:

+ Jayne hat was knitted and looking at this makes me realize that I did end up doing the orange and yellow about a row or two each too much. Next time, I should probably make the pom on top a little smaller.

+ Pants are work pants (yay!), boots are my own much-loved military boots, shirt is from our collection (we got it a year or two ago). Belt is Jamie’s.

+ The holster is one of Jamie’s belts and one of our bondage straps jury-rigged because I’m cheap. I also “made” a little holster out of a piece of black felt and stuck in a neon yellow watergun.

I had a lot of coworkers tell me that I either looked “really cute and adorable” or “like a little kid!” I’m kind of surprised I didn’t get in trouble by personell or my Big Boss because I had forgotten to take the little watergun out of the holster and just walked around work with it. But, I guess since I was doing stuff, they could ignore it? If someone had mentioned it, I would’ve taken the thing out.

I had a lot of fun being a dork and pretending to be the Hero of Canton. I think I also managed to get a couple people interested in checking out the much-loved show.


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