It’s been a crazy week

Thanksgiving is this week, which causes insanity everywhere. People who think they can “miss” the crowd cause another crowd and work has been crazy busy.

At work, we have a television that has to play Christmas films right now. We have a small collection of films to play, which is a huge plus seeing as how I am going to go insane by having to listen/watch the same films over and over again. Some of the films I don’t mind having to listen to over and over again, but there are others where it’s like: if I have to listen to this one more time, I will break the disc.

I have watched Arthur Christmas at least 20 times in the last week and Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! / It’s Christmas Time Again, Charlie Brown at least 15 times (it’s on a disc that’ll play the first film, roll credits, and then play the second). The Flinstone’s Christmas Carol movie and the Yogi Bear Christmas special has been played at least 8 times while How the Grinch Stole Christmas has been played an unknown amount of times (I like The Grinch) and The Miser Brothers’ Christmas has played at least 4 or 5 times.

At least I haven’t had to suffer through It’s a Wonderful Life nor A Christmas Story. I am hoping so much that I don’t have to deal with that stuff.


We’ve been trying to get some stuff done around the house. Jamie’s got plans to re-tile the blue-room floor since the cats destroyed the last floor-job we had done.¬† The craft room looks a lot better than it had and I’ve pretty much gotten most of the yarn fixed up. I still have about 4 totes full, but one tote is nothing but finished pieces.

And because we’ve got some nasty weather (rain, rain, sleet-hail-snow, rain), the dogs have decided they do not want to go outside. Izzy especially¬† does not want to go outside and has been hopping around the house like a goober in defiance. They don’t even want to run up and down the basement steps.


[a numbness from work]

(I wanted to update, but I really have no idea what I’d be writing about)

+ Jamie pointed out that I should write a scary story and attempt to submit it to Pseudopod or No Sleep (or even the reddit page) and see what happened.

+ My resolve for writing has gotten a little better. Someone I know recently self-published a book and the local library wants a copy of it and a large company is considering carrying the book. Damnit, if they can write-and-publish a book, then so can I.

+ I’ve found that I am now in the headspace to read Sam Vimes stories. I really enjoyed Snuff and finished Thud! last night. I started Men at Arms this morning and I’m really enjoying it.¬† It’s fun to see how Detritus is learning the art of coppering and now I kind of want my own copper badge.

+ Work is…insane. I did a lot of stuff on Friday and yesterday learned that, for whatever reason, all of the orders that I worked on didn’t set correctly. For whatever reason, the person I was working with and I couldn’t fix it at all. I left a note as to what was happening and apologizing, pointing out that they went through on Friday, but as of Sunday, they’ve gone sideways.

I found out today that the person who helped me on Friday had the same problem I did yesterday, but didn’t feel it was important enough to mention it Friday night. They mentioned it halfway through my shift today as though it wasn’t a problem and then I found out later that it was basically my problem and I am now pretty much on my own. Yay.

+ Work will only get worse as the holiday season continues. I am not looking forward to this.

+ There are times where I really wish I didn’t have to work for The Man and just work for myself (writing, making things, farming, owning a bookshop, etc). I’m so tired.

Scaredy Cat

Last night, Jamie started hearing this noise. It was a creepy, scratching, scrabbly noise coming from the front of the house. Being the normal, slightly paranoid people that we are, we grabbed a baseball bat and slowly worked our way to the front door.

I cut on the light and didn’t see any shadows pop up through the door, but the noise kept on coming. It kind of sounded like someone was trying to hack their way into the house . Jamie opened the door and cautiously peeked outside.

“What the fuck” was his first reaction, then he set down the baseball bat and went outside. He came back in with Stimpson (one of the kittens). We then immediately went into the kitten/bunny room and found that Algernon (the other kitten) was scrabbling to get back inside.

One of them had busted a hole in the window screen (we had the windows in the house open for a couple hours) and they went outside.

Jamie pulled Algernon back inside through the hole that was created and we got a good laugh out of it.

Algernon went outside, apparently went “fuck this,” and attempted to get back in where he fell out of. He didn’t explore or run away, thankfully. Stimpson went outside into the Wide World, and made his way through the yard and to the front porch. Apparently he didn’t like being outside either and his attempts to get back inside caught our attention.

I’m just really glad they didn’t care for the outside. I feel really bad that they wound up outside by accident, but at least there’s a chance that they won’t attempt to get out again.



On a side note: Ugly has a a puncture behind his left ear, so the vet shaved it. He’s starting to scratch at it, so now he has A Cone. He is currently lumped up, pouting, and plotting our demise.

Being cheap for Halloween

This is not a screen-accurate version of a Jayne Cobb outfit.

Yes, it is a little messy in the bedroom.

A few things:

+ Jayne hat was knitted and looking at this makes me realize that I did end up doing the orange and yellow about a row or two each too much. Next time, I should probably make the pom on top a little smaller.

+ Pants are work pants (yay!), boots are my own much-loved military boots, shirt is from our collection (we got it a year or two ago). Belt is Jamie’s.

+ The holster is one of Jamie’s belts and one of our bondage straps jury-rigged because I’m cheap. I also “made” a little holster out of a piece of black felt and stuck in a neon yellow watergun.

I had a lot of coworkers tell me that I either looked “really cute and adorable” or “like a little kid!” I’m kind of surprised I didn’t get in trouble by personell or my Big Boss because I had forgotten to take the little watergun out of the holster and just walked around work with it. But, I guess since I was doing stuff, they could ignore it? If someone had mentioned it, I would’ve taken the thing out.

I had a lot of fun being a dork and pretending to be the Hero of Canton. I think I also managed to get a couple people interested in checking out the much-loved show.