Dead tired

It’s October, so of course retail stores have their Christmas shit out while all the Halloween goodies are now 30-50% off. A) Is it Halloween yet? and 2) Is it February yet?

+ So, my cousin got married for the third time this past weekend. The girl is 26 years old. Maybe this time it’ll last more than…a year? (I don’t know, I don’t keep up with her)

+ In a couple of weeks is Firefly’s birthday. (November 2nd)

+ The dogs have been moved back into their room and they are very excited. We haven’t gotten their certificates back up on the wall and I kind of just dropped all of their freshly laundered blankets on the floor of the closet instead of putting them up on the shelf.

Yesterday, they spent a good portion of the day running back and forth from the house to the backyard because I had the door open. It helped keep them from underfoot while they got their crazy out and I was bringing their crates back upstairs.

+ Fred’s asked me to make him a Miami Dolphins hat, Jamie’s asked me to make him a “bright red hat with a poof-ball” on top because someone dared him to be Yukon Cornelius for Halloween, and I’m still determined to make a Jayne hat for myself.



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