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I’ve been wanting to update, but haven’t really felt like I’ve had the time, mindset, etc needed to update. Fuck it.

Continuing with the whole bullet-process…

+ Firefly’s birthday is November 2nd. Yay! Our little monkey-buttĀ  is just a little bit older. We noticed about a month or two ago that both Fly and Hobbes are starting to go a little grey around the muzzle/eyes. Aww, my poor puppies. They’ll still be adorable, but this also means that Firefly is slowly (and I mean slowly) starting to calm down a bit.

+ Halloween is tomorrow! I’m excited. I’m also a little sad that we didn’t really decorate this year, but we’ve both been busy. Jamie and I are planning on having a nice night together watching a scary movie.

+ I saw an idea to use water jugs as ghosts, so we have a couple of jugs drawn on that will (hopefully) look cool when we stick a glowstick in them.

+ We did two pumpkins this year. One’s a Rabbid and the other is an Adipose. Hopefully I remember to take a picture of them and post them up.

+ A week or so ago, we went to a small party where we dressed up. Jamie had a fursuit (your basic Tigger, not a custom fursuit) and I had a neat sparkly dress that was simply labeled “witch dress” (lol). The ladies at the costume shop were all about trying to find me a costume that fit because I’m so small. One was a little disappointed that the small “Woodland Fairy” costume didn’t fit. I was also able to buy a mask from them. It’s a beautiful gunmetal-and-bronze mask that’s a little intricate and has this little tiny beak. It’s a little big for me, but I love it.

I’m hoping that when I get the money saved up, I’ll be able to buy one of their metal masks. They’ve got these amazing (and crazy intricate) black metal masks. One was like a butterfly on one side, one had these feathers. It was just really, really cool. Two of the ladies that were helping me were getting excited and pointing out which fun mask would be a lot of fun and were helping me figure out which would be really good. The plus side was the dress was black (with silver sparkles), so anything went with it.

When we went to the costume shop, we found out that Frank (the bunny costume from Donnie Darko) was on sale for like $80. Last time I saw it, they had it set up on a dummy and it was almost $200. I want Frank. When we got home, Jamie pointed out that we could’ve bought the Plague Doctor costume instead of renting the dress. (their policy is: if it’s in a bag, it’s for sale. You pop it open, you bought it)

+ Work has let it be known that we can, in fact, dress up for Halloween. The downside is: “No makeup, No masks, No weapons” which is kind of a killer. One of the guys I work with was going to do just a little bit of paint (that black paint that gets put under your eyes) and one of the girls I work with was originally planning on being a zombie and now she can’t due to the makeup problems.

I almost can’t wait to see what people will do.

I am planning on being Jayne Cobb (from Firefly/BDM) because I think it would be awesome. And, it really didn’t cost me much. While I’m not going to be like perfect Jayne Cobb, I’m going to do what I can do. Working with what I already have, I have made a little thigh holster (I may keep the watergun in it, but who knows. the rules do say “no weapons”), I wear khaki cargo pants anyway, I have a goofy Firefly shirt (Wash as a dinosaur playing with a toy Serenity), I can’t work with cutoff gloves because it’ll be too cumbersome, and I knit The Hat.

And honestly, thanks to everything I already had, the whole costume cost me $3 ($2.77 plus tax, rounded up) because I didn’t already have the orange yarn that is needed for Ma Cobb’s hat. The thigh holster is a felt sheet and a bondage strap that will be jury-rigged when I go to work tomorrow. I’ll try to see if I can get a photo of me done with it.

Oh, and I rigged up a little leather bracelet thingy. I’m sure I’ll have to tell people who I am, but that will be fun because I can tell more people all about the awesomeness that is Firefly (Shiny!)

The downside is I cannot sing the entirety of “The Hero Of Canton.”


Dead tired

It’s October, so of course retail stores have their Christmas shit out while all the Halloween goodies are now 30-50% off. A) Is it Halloween yet? and 2) Is it February yet?

+ So, my cousin got married for the third time this past weekend. The girl is 26 years old. Maybe this time it’ll last more than…a year? (I don’t know, I don’t keep up with her)

+ In a couple of weeks is Firefly’s birthday. (November 2nd)

+ The dogs have been moved back into their room and they are very excited. We haven’t gotten their certificates back up on the wall and I kind of just dropped all of their freshly laundered blankets on the floor of the closet instead of putting them up on the shelf.

Yesterday, they spent a good portion of the day running back and forth from the house to the backyard because I had the door open. It helped keep them from underfoot while they got their crazy out and I was bringing their crates back upstairs.

+ Fred’s asked me to make him a Miami Dolphins hat, Jamie’s asked me to make him a “bright red hat with a poof-ball” on top because someone dared him to be Yukon Cornelius for Halloween, and I’m still determined to make a Jayne hat for myself.