I wasn’t much of a beer fan, I was more of a wine fan who also liked Angry Orchard. I had tried a couple of different things and didn’t really care for them, and then about the same time Wil Wheaton was talking about different beers that he was enjoying and discussing tempting to do home brewing (which he’s been successful at. I, for one, would like to try the W00t Stout). So, I decided to give it another chance and…damnit, now I blame Wil Wheaton for every time I go to try a new one.

I’ve had some bad ones and I’ve had some good ones. I’ve found that I like ones that others don’t care much for (others being Jamie and Logan) and learned that I don’t really care for the ones other people like (other people being the general public, the internets, and one of the assistant managers at the store I work at). I’ve also noticed that if I don’t care much for one and it survives the two-sip test (but I still don’t care for it enough to finish the bottle), I can wait a few months and chances are it’ll be better the next time I try it (e.g: Yuengling’s traditional lager)

I still hate IPAs.

Jamie joked tonight about it being “beer-thirty” and that I should crack one open. I tried Stone’s “Levitation” and…it tastes really flowery to me. Maybe I’m not a Stone person.


On another note: Jamie and I got to try the Lebanese restaurant Cedars. It is really good. We made Rhonda call in for us and it was kind of funny to listen to her tell the girl what we wanted. But hey, none of us can pronounce the words correctly. When we picked it up, I noticed that the place right beside the restaurant is a freaken candy store! There’s a candy store in Downtown and I want to go!

It is 34 days until Halloween and I have not decorated our house yet. I’ve been busy with work and when I’m not doing work, I’m doing housework, playing with the dogs, or just screwing around (or hanging out with Jamie). I was kind of hoping that this year I’d have some sort of costume made (like the Silent Hill nurse), but I may be Shaun (from Shaun of the Dead), Wash (from Firefly/BDM), or possibly even Raul Duke (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) because I bought a goofy little dinosaur tail–but I don’t have a tape recorder.


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