Oooo, I like that word: brainsludge. Sounds fun!

Continuing with bullet points because my brain is goo and paragraphs are hard, yo.

+ Jamie said he’d be social for our friends Dolly and Emily for a thing they were going to last night. And, because I was off yesterday, I got to go with him! I found that Sam Adams’ Octoberfest as a draft/rail (or whatever you call it) is so much better than just cracking open a bottle. I was able to taste the spices and rich flavor of it instead of getting a hint. The bartender also made me a fucking awesome Long Island Iced Tea because he didn’t have 151 for a zombie and didn’t want to make me one that “might suck.”

We met up with Emily and while being social, we caught up with Erica, Dolly, Aaron, Bedilia and Eli; said hi to Wes, Frank, Leslie, and a few other people. I happily weirded out a guy and we tried some awesome burgers. See, social. Usually the most social Jamie gets is our monthly Emily time or when we break down, say we’ll go to Pride in the Park, and wind up staying there for a few hours instead of the twenty minutes we agreed on.

+ I walked into work today to a total disaster. To be as vague as possible: I work for a chain store. Sometimes there are, for lack of a better word, bins for things that are set up in strategic positions in the store to get people to buy more stuff. They’re like giant cardboard bins for impulse buyers or people with small children. Apparently, someone told someone else to bring all of the Type A bins to my area and condense them from 8 to 4.

I was basically just in my little area doing whatever they told me, e.g: count X amount and bag ’em, put A, B, and C in this box. It took hours for my little area to resemble my little area again

+ I found a little gumball-machine dude who was a robot fly with an accordian. I set him to the side to see if I could bring him home, but he disappeared so I guess someone else got him.

+ I am now recieving pyramid scheme junkmail. The otherday, I got this one where the person took a $100 bill, scanned it, printed it out, and then added a “Do you want this to be real!?” bullshit two-sided mumbo-jumbo along side it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t pyramid schemes illegal in Virginia?

+ Jamie’s dad wants me to knit him a Miami Dolphins beanie. I’m going to have to go through my bins and see if I’ve got the correct turquiose-green colour. I know I’ve got orange.

+ I ran across this display while in Walmart that said “make a scarf in minutes!” and it was a skein of yarn that was the width of my thumb, but thinner than a piece of cardstock (and also $5 a skein because it’s all fanciful with the width and shiny bits). I said fuck it and did it with some of the yarn I already have and…that is some lies. Jamie did point out that it never states how many minutes you need to make the scarf, but it did take quite a while.

I ended up making a really hideous, but fun, scarf for shits and giggles. And then, I said fuck it and took three of the pinks that I have (because, really, I don’t really have a reason to use them*) and put them together in the same style as the “scarf” (basically: it’s a single stitch but instead of knitting needles or crochet hook, you just do it with your fingers). It was something that I could do when I stayed at home because I ended up getting really sick for some reason.

I now have this large ball of useable, but super ugly, yarn that I’m not really sure what I’ll do with. The only thing I can think of is make a snarf for Izzy (or a basic hat, I don’t know)

+ I’m thinking about doing film reviews again. Still stick with the whole “it’s mainly for me so I remember what I saw and what I thought” side of things, but if I do that, I’ll have to re-watch a lot of films. I’ve noticed if I write it up as a blog post, and not how I did it previously, I’ll write a whole lot more. And I really want to do a review that comes out to more than “dude, this was so fucking cool!” for a good film while writing two or three pages about a film that I just picked all to hell.

+ I’m thinking about doing something a little different for my mom for Christmas. Normally I do crafty things, but it’s like a knit thing or the really neat little perler bead flowers that I did. I’m thinking about doing a papercraft project for her this year. It’s been a while since I’ve done papercraft and I want to do something that involves Maggie and Burney. If I do dogs, I usually do poodles, but I haven’t done anything with a shih tzu.



* The pinks: I bought a neon hot pink for Izzy because that crazy dog can pull off pink and it makes her look even more adorable. The other pinks I ended up with while I was digging through my aunt’s yarn stash. I thought one of them was a lavender purple and the other looked like it’d be good for an idea and it did not work out at all.


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