fly by…something something

I wrote up a post a few days ago, hit “publish” and it saved itself. I am going to see this as a good sign in the “you might get your ass chewed out by someone” of whom I spoke about in my post (ahem:my cousin) and I have a few minutes before we have to Go Do Stuff, so here’s a brief rundown:

+ The ASM I work for has “very high aspirations” for me apparently. I don’t know whether to be freaked out or just be all like “Challenge Accepted.”

+ I am going to go insane this holiday season.

+ Anything that promises a scarf “in minutes” is full of lies.

+ Firefly has a skin infection so she gets medication and a medicated bath twice a week. Why shouldn’t people have pit bulls? Because they have a tendency to get demodex (every. single. summer.) and be allergic to things like crabgrass (or the flowers that they think are a jungle and like to wiggle through) and will scratch until something like this happens.

Firefly is doing well, her skin’s clearing up, she bouncy, wiggly, and has decided that she is not listening to anyone today.

+Ugly has made a roost in the upper part of the closet so he can view his domain while just in case the others come in A) don’t notice him and 2) can’t figure out how to get up there and bother him

+ The other cats are crazy, adorable, and just cats

+ It is possible to only get 70% of Rayman’s Raving Rabbids TV Party and hit the last “time slot.” I have gone through this last time slot numerous times and it pisses me off to no end. So it is in the case while one of the other Rabbids games is in the console.

+ There is a Rabbids tv show on Nick. Jamie recorded a few seconds of it for me while he was visiting his dad (his little brother was watching it)


There would be more, but We’re Off! Time to Get Shit Done.


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