Recent normal

I have no idea what day it is, i have no idea what the date is most of the time. It is work, housework, and sleep.

I pulled out my yarn for Doctor Who scarves and the bag is currently sitting beside the computer desk, in a sad state of haphazard mess. I started working on Slenderman’s head…at some point (couple weeks ago? I don’t know) and I’ve used about 1/4 of the skein of yarn and I’m still not done with his head. I haven’t even begun working on his face shape, i’m just doing the normal roundy ball bit.

I bought some index cards so I could attempt a Dave McKean style outline (put bits of story on the index cards and move them around until it works and fill in the big gaps later) and I bought some notebooks so I could hand-write stories instead of telling myself I’m going to type them up while getting distracted by the internet. I’ve also decided that some of the index cards should be used for random inspirational things in hopes of actually getting anything done.

We named the kittens: Algernon and Stimpson because Jamie and I are both dorks. Algea is for Algernon Blackwood and Stimpson is for Stimpson J Cat (aka: Stimpy from Ren and Stimpy) and they are living up to their names. Faust is being a jerk, Ugly is pissed off at us, and Snooch is being his stupid loving self.

And the other day Jamie and I joined a few friends and went on a 5-mile canoe trip. It was a lot of fun and no one got struck by lightening (Jamie saw lightening when we were about a mile or two from our end destination) and we joked about cheesy Sci-Fi movies while guessing which of us would go first. Our friend Aaron, whom we were towing (he was tubing, tied to the back of our canoe), joked about how he’d be the first to go.

Now it’s back to working on potatoes. Cutting sweet potatoes is a pain in the ass and sometimes a break is needed in between cutting them up.


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