Learn Something New Everyday: June

So, I’m a few days late with coming up with Learn Something New. Not because I forgot to write down some stuff for the last few days, but because June was a crazy month and I really have no idea what day it is most of the time. Things are probably going to get more hectic because I work retail.

No links for June because I really don’t feel like it and we’re in the middle of a small project.


  1. Izzy-butt has gained 4 lbs since she’s been given a bottle of Ensure with dinner.
  2. New York City has a four-person body freezer up for sale.
  3. Apparently all you really need to be a “good” or “prominent” Sci-Fi author is a dick.
  4. More people are willing to pay $4 per pound for a bag of cherries than the $6 for a 3 lbs box that is located on the shelf right below the bags.
  5. A new Chucky movie is coming out. It is being toted as “more scary” than the recent Chucky films and “more like the original.”
  6. Threadless has a little section of TMNT shirts.
  7. Yuengling has a pittie mug! (aww, damnit, now I have to give them a try again)
  8. Cough drops are like candy with benefits.
  9. Jamie can pull off a surprise party! And he made me a Dalek cake!!
  10. I just got “Hall of Mirrors, Vol. 2” for free. (all I can think of is it’s a glitch)
  11. More people showed up and more pets were saved during the “Just One Day” event at the RCACP than I expected (over 70!)
  12. It is official: I am a crazy cat lady.
  13. An organization in NY is going to pull 13-15 dogs from the RCACP. Woohoo!
  14. Doggyloot has leashes and bandanas that let strangers know if your dog is shy, has issues, or is in training.
  15. Holy fuck, Sean Bean doesn’t die in “Silent Hill 2.”
  16. Udo Kier as a mechanical puppet is really fucking creepy (watching “The Theatre Bizarre”)
  17. Ommegang’s new GoT brew (“Take the Black”) comes out in the fall!
  18. Mango dumdums are really gross.
  19. Accidentally found out how to get dumdums off the stick without chomping down on them.
  20. Met a guy who was friends with Vincent Price, it was pretty cool. (he mentioned that Vincent Price was the nicest man you’d ever meet, he also said I’d made his day because I knew who he [Price] was and could name the movie that was where his shirt came from [The Abominable Doctor Phibes]
  21. Pointing out that today is midsummer/solstice really weirds out “normal” people, especially when they complain that the day is “so long.”
  22. If you want cotton candy, you can’t find it anywhere.
  23. CLR will eat through grout.
  24. Algernon, one of the new kittens, can easily spring up pant legs.
  25. There is a recipe for a chocolate espresso panini.
  26. “Frankenstein’s Army” has a VoD and limited theatrical release of July 26th. I am excited.
  27. Darius Rucker has a song (“Wagon Wheels”) that mentions Roanoke.
  28. The HPLHS’ Dark Adventure Radio Theatre will be releasing “The Colour out of Space” soon.
  29. Daly’s Mango Passionfruit is surprisingly tasty.
  30. Your own pair of scissors come in handy at work.

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