Crazy Cat Couple

On June 11, our local pound (the RCACP) held an event called “Just One Day” in which Roanoke became a No Kill City for one day. On one hand, it’s really saddening to know that we became a “no kill” city for one day. But, on the other: it was a huge turnout, over 70 pets were saved. I went to show my support and go see the kitties.

There were a handful of mamma cats with kittens that needed foster (far as I know, they were all pulled for fostering) and there were more females than male cats available. In our house, we only have boys because boy cats are more snuggly and affectionate.

There were a couple of kittens that I liked and a ragdoll that I thought was adorable. I had a little meet-n-greet with the ragdoll and realized that he wouldn’t mesh well in our house (but! he was adopted ten minutes later! it was awesome). I loved on the kittens and decided on the one that we would take home, he had his FIV/FeLuk test (negative) and was weighed to see if he could get neutered and I went off to fill out the paperwork for him.

When Jamie got home, we walked back up to the RCACP (it’s a very short walk for us) and he loved on one cat (who got pulled yesterday), we gave scritches to some of the dogs, and I handed the other kitten I really liked to him. The kitten melted on Jamie, purred, and Jamie told me he hated me. We got ahold of Mary and let her know which kitten we wanted to get.

We found out the next day, when the craziness of trying to get caught up (for the SPCA, I’m not sure how AoA handled it), that the second kitten was too small to be neutered so he’d have to be a foster-to-adopt kitten, which is perfectly fine.

So, we now have two kittens to go with our zoo. Jamie and I are currently calling them Thing 1 and Thing 2 until we can figure out a good name for each.

Trying to find a name with our pets usually takes a few days. We’ve been throwing different names back and forth: Milton (since we have Dante and Faust), Algernon (for Algernon Blackwood and Algernon Swinburne), Rincewind (Thing 2 is a runner), Binky, Mort, Ponder Stibbons, Anansi (but I’m not too into that one), Heinlein and Asimov, Norbert and Dagget (lol, I had too). We figure that we’ll go for a “theme.” If one is a literary name, the other will be a literary name. If one comes from a film, the other will come from a film. I’m trying to think of fun Sir pTerry names, Jamie is all about naming one of them Algernon so he can call it “algea.”

I’m sure whatever we call them, our vet and everyone who works there will crack up. Angie, the foster coordinator, told me she actually laughed out loud when she read my email update and mentioned they’re being called Thing 1 and Thing 2 for now. When Thing 1 was taken to our vet (he has an upper respiratory infection, he is doing very well on his medicine), the vet tech started laughing, our vet thought it was hilarious and he was thankful for it since he accidentally freaked out the couple that was seen before us.

So, it’s official, we are crazy cat people. I am a crazy cat lady, Jamie is a crazy cat man. We now have 5 cats in our house, which moves us to 10 pets. Dante, while slowly dying due to age, is still stubbornly hanging on (he finally got his shed off his head so that’s a huge plus)


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