Surprise for me

Yesterday, I came home to a surprise party.

Allen pulled into the front yard and we went to the front door, only to find the screen door locked. I had heard Rhonda talking in the back yard so I yelled for Jamie to unlock the gate. Apparently no one heard me, so I headed around the other side of the house (getting weird looks from drivers as I jogged through the culvert). I saw cars and balloons.

Jamie had pulled off a surprise birthday party for me. Awww.

I ran to the gate and unlocked it so Allen could come around.  And it was a handful of people who were here: Robbie, Robert, and Leland along with Rhonda and Allen (and Jamie of course). Then Moms showed up and said that Tess and Steady would’ve come, but Steady had to do some stuff and Tess had to work late. Jamie told me later that he’d invited a bunch of people but they all had to cancel for various reasons (Cole’s son got really sick, Emily and Grant had to do wedding things, Aaron had to work, etc).

Jamie bought me a Kindle (omg) and made me a Dalek cake (a 3 layer dalek cake; the layers being: marble, red velvet, and chocolate). It is super awesome, but trying to eat a Dalek is like trying to eat 4 smashed, stale Peeps on top of one another wrapped in fondant. They are intensely sugary.

Robbie brought me a bottle of wine, Rob and Lee got me a little monster making kit and a gift card to Petsmart (because buying food for the monkeys is pricey), and Moms brought me a stash of yarn. Jamie groaned when he realized what it was.

We all hung out for a while, at some great food, and after everyone left and we brought the chairs back inside, we let the dogs out to run around and go crazy. Izzy is terrified of the tiki torches Jamie bought for the occasion, but she’s doing a bit better. Then we played a bit of Mario Kart before calling it a night. I’m still pretty surprised that Jamie did it.


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