Not in the right direction

I am not going in the right direction, and right now I’m ok with this.

Being a continual retail monkey, I am in constant contact with sick individuals. I have definitely learned that this job I have right now is more contagion-friendly than a job I had previously that involved closer work with those picking up perscriptions and general OTC medications. I am on the verge of, or already am, being/getting sick. A quick-fix recipe (called a “Cure What Ails You” that Ursula Vernon mentions in an episode of KUEC — please be warned, the podcast is not intended for those under at least 16 or are easily offended) has done little, but I think it’s because I used pink lemonade instead of regular. I think I may have to get some regular lemonade mix and a new bottle of honey because the honey we have has gone sideways and the “honey in hot water” trick does nothing to loosen it up a bit.

Bug is doing fairly well. She’s still hobbling along, but we’re able to let her out with the others to go pee. It also kind of helps that the weather’s crap and none of the others wants to run around and play outside. The swelling’s gone down on her paw, but it still looks a little funny. But she’s doing well overall and loving all of the extra peanut butter we’re willing to give her (which is not a lot due to her stomach issues). She has learned that this injury has helped give her a reason to beg for more belly rubs and it is adorable.

I did not do Day 2 for c25k. I do not feel like a failure, I feel like I should re-start and I have no idea when would be the best time to do it.

Jamie did point out that I could jog or sprint back and forth in the back yard and I told him I’d have to keep an eye out for spots where the dogs went (and Izzy would go nuts). My friend and I were not able to meet up and do the jog/walk thing this week and that’s alright.

If anything, I’m having more second thoughts on doing the 5k walk/run/whathaveyou in October than I am at attempting to do couch to 5k.

And now I am going to continue making a couple of things. I’m hoping listening to something will help take my mind off of my headache and that sometime soon, Uggs will get off my lap so I can go get some fresh tea and something to eat.


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