Seeing how long this lasts

I am trying the whole Couch to 5k thing. It mentions that the first week is to either A) jog 60 seconds, brisk walk 60 seconds, B) jog 60 seconds, brisk walk for 90 seconds, or C) jog 90 seconds, brisk walk for 60 seconds.

I guess it’s a little something for everyone.

I double checked a couple websites on it, downloaded an app called RunDouble, and downloaded a stopwatch app because apparently I don’t already have one programmed into my phone like Jamie does. And yesterday morning, Jamie and I went for the Day One thing.

We started the five-minute warm-up walking and I’m just fiddling with the c25k app and didn’t realize until we were about to start our first jog that it has a timer for your warmup. I kept the app running and used the stopwatch to track our timing; we listened to the RunDouble app while it read stats and times as we talk about things during the walking periods.

First jog, I made it the 60 seconds. Second and third jog, I made it 50. Jamie said I sounded funny after the first jog and after our second jog, our walks became a little bit longer because he was having some problems. He pointed out that jogging outside on a marked trail (yay for the Greenway) was vastly different than jogging on a treadmill. Fourth jog for me, I made it 46 seconds so overall I was able to get about 3 and a half minutes in of actual jogging. And honestly, I think that’s better than what I did for the entirety of middle school and high school.

I also learned, as I was trying to turn off the RunDouble app, that you can, in fact, “skip” steps if you’ve already done them. I ended up aborting the app and killing any stats for yesterday. So far, I’m going for it, but right now I really don’t know how long my interest in this will be.

Then we got home, I changed for work, and a little while later, I realized that I had written the day’s hours wrong on the chalk board and was about 2 hours late for work. Doing the jogging in the morning helped because I ended up running from one end of the store to the stock room to throw my bag in my locker, clocking in, and hauling ass to my station. I ended up running past the Big Boss and being frazzled for a good three hours afterwards, but it worked out well. We were able to tweak my workday around so I could fix my screwup. (schedule has been double checked, everything is correct, just yesterday on the chalkboard was messed up)

During my break, a friend of mine mentioned that we should do the jog/walk thing together sometime this week and since the c25k thing says week 1 should have 3 days of the jogging/walking thing, this works out great.

Since I had to work late, I couldn’t partake in the Game of Thrones marathon with Jamie, but I was able to watch the Red Wedding with him last night.


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