Can’t win when it comes to the dogs

Yesterday, Bug fell into a hole, faceplanted, and either broke or sprained her outer toe on her front paw. For a normal dog, this wouldn’t be bad, but for Bug this is bad. She can hardly walk, although as the day has worn on and this is now night number 2 after the initial injury, she can hobble along pretty damn well.

Then again, if peanut butter is anywhere near her, she will try to do anything.

She whined once last night, but hasn’t made a noise since. She has pretty much curled up in her crate and just hung out, enjoying all the extra snuggles and lovins that have been coming her way. Rhonda kept asking how “the baby” was doing and giving her extra scritches and Nanny was asking how her “granpuppy” was.  Bug, according to Jamie, was soaking it all up.

She’s not allowed to interact with the others for now because she’ll try to play with them or get run over by Firefly doing zoomies.

When Izzy went in for her follow-up vet appointment this morning, Jamie broached the topic of Bug and what we could do. Our vet was unhappy (not a disappointed unhappy, but an “awww, not Buggles!” unhappy), made up a perscription for Bugbug, and said that if it doesn’t heal, clear up, etc in 7-10 days, to bring her in for an x-ray. Thankfully, he didn’t say bring her in immediately.

Our vet is awesome. Jamie also showed him the video of Bug running around in the tutu I made her and thought it was great.

This evening, after the dogs were fed and Firefly, Hobbes, and Izzy were let out for their last pee-break, Firefly stepped in a hole or something, squealed, got bowled into by Hobbes, and snapped at him. I double checked the area that she was at, it was a different spot than where Bug was injured, and found nothing that she could’ve injured herself on. The only thing we can gather is that it’s from where they go crazy and scratch into the dirt of the backyard before taking off for zoomies (or it’s from where they’ve decided they want to go crazy and start digging a hole).

Firefly is fine.


On a different topic::

During work today, the furry that hopped around with a squeaker a couple weeks ago came into my line again. She cracks me up and I would totally buy a tail from her if I had the money. Today, I managed to get her Instagram information and told her that I mentioned her on my blog (because of the tails.) It was pretty neat.

So, Roanoke is going to be having a Zombie Run come October. I think this is awesome, I’m glad someone was able to get all the right things together to put one on, and I have decided that I want to join.

I don’t run.

The best thing I can think of to work my way up to this is the Couch to 5k thing. I had mentioned this to Jamie and he suggested that we start tomorrow. I support him in his bodybuilding, he said he will support me in this and who knows, I may find that I enjoy it.

I need to find my password for the intranet at work so I can request the day off (4 months in advance) and now I will go look up Couch to 5k stuff. I also want to see if I can change the clock on my phone to show seconds.


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