Crazy Cat Couple

On June 11, our local pound (the RCACP) held an event called “Just One Day” in which Roanoke became a No Kill City for one day. On one hand, it’s really saddening to know that we became a “no kill” city for one day. But, on the other: it was a huge turnout, over 70 pets were saved. I went to show my support and go see the kitties.

There were a handful of mamma cats with kittens that needed foster (far as I know, they were all pulled for fostering) and there were more females than male cats available. In our house, we only have boys because boy cats are more snuggly and affectionate.

There were a couple of kittens that I liked and a ragdoll that I thought was adorable. I had a little meet-n-greet with the ragdoll and realized that he wouldn’t mesh well in our house (but! he was adopted ten minutes later! it was awesome). I loved on the kittens and decided on the one that we would take home, he had his FIV/FeLuk test (negative) and was weighed to see if he could get neutered and I went off to fill out the paperwork for him.

When Jamie got home, we walked back up to the RCACP (it’s a very short walk for us) and he loved on one cat (who got pulled yesterday), we gave scritches to some of the dogs, and I handed the other kitten I really liked to him. The kitten melted on Jamie, purred, and Jamie told me he hated me. We got ahold of Mary and let her know which kitten we wanted to get.

We found out the next day, when the craziness of trying to get caught up (for the SPCA, I’m not sure how AoA handled it), that the second kitten was too small to be neutered so he’d have to be a foster-to-adopt kitten, which is perfectly fine.

So, we now have two kittens to go with our zoo. Jamie and I are currently calling them Thing 1 and Thing 2 until we can figure out a good name for each.

Trying to find a name with our pets usually takes a few days. We’ve been throwing different names back and forth: Milton (since we have Dante and Faust), Algernon (for Algernon Blackwood and Algernon Swinburne), Rincewind (Thing 2 is a runner), Binky, Mort, Ponder Stibbons, Anansi (but I’m not too into that one), Heinlein and Asimov, Norbert and Dagget (lol, I had too). We figure that we’ll go for a “theme.” If one is a literary name, the other will be a literary name. If one comes from a film, the other will come from a film. I’m trying to think of fun Sir pTerry names, Jamie is all about naming one of them Algernon so he can call it “algea.”

I’m sure whatever we call them, our vet and everyone who works there will crack up. Angie, the foster coordinator, told me she actually laughed out loud when she read my email update and mentioned they’re being called Thing 1 and Thing 2 for now. When Thing 1 was taken to our vet (he has an upper respiratory infection, he is doing very well on his medicine), the vet tech started laughing, our vet thought it was hilarious and he was thankful for it since he accidentally freaked out the couple that was seen before us.

So, it’s official, we are crazy cat people. I am a crazy cat lady, Jamie is a crazy cat man. We now have 5 cats in our house, which moves us to 10 pets. Dante, while slowly dying due to age, is still stubbornly hanging on (he finally got his shed off his head so that’s a huge plus)


Surprise for me

Yesterday, I came home to a surprise party.

Allen pulled into the front yard and we went to the front door, only to find the screen door locked. I had heard Rhonda talking in the back yard so I yelled for Jamie to unlock the gate. Apparently no one heard me, so I headed around the other side of the house (getting weird looks from drivers as I jogged through the culvert). I saw cars and balloons.

Jamie had pulled off a surprise birthday party for me. Awww.

I ran to the gate and unlocked it so Allen could come around.  And it was a handful of people who were here: Robbie, Robert, and Leland along with Rhonda and Allen (and Jamie of course). Then Moms showed up and said that Tess and Steady would’ve come, but Steady had to do some stuff and Tess had to work late. Jamie told me later that he’d invited a bunch of people but they all had to cancel for various reasons (Cole’s son got really sick, Emily and Grant had to do wedding things, Aaron had to work, etc).

Jamie bought me a Kindle (omg) and made me a Dalek cake (a 3 layer dalek cake; the layers being: marble, red velvet, and chocolate). It is super awesome, but trying to eat a Dalek is like trying to eat 4 smashed, stale Peeps on top of one another wrapped in fondant. They are intensely sugary.

Robbie brought me a bottle of wine, Rob and Lee got me a little monster making kit and a gift card to Petsmart (because buying food for the monkeys is pricey), and Moms brought me a stash of yarn. Jamie groaned when he realized what it was.

We all hung out for a while, at some great food, and after everyone left and we brought the chairs back inside, we let the dogs out to run around and go crazy. Izzy is terrified of the tiki torches Jamie bought for the occasion, but she’s doing a bit better. Then we played a bit of Mario Kart before calling it a night. I’m still pretty surprised that Jamie did it.

Not in the right direction

I am not going in the right direction, and right now I’m ok with this.

Being a continual retail monkey, I am in constant contact with sick individuals. I have definitely learned that this job I have right now is more contagion-friendly than a job I had previously that involved closer work with those picking up perscriptions and general OTC medications. I am on the verge of, or already am, being/getting sick. A quick-fix recipe (called a “Cure What Ails You” that Ursula Vernon mentions in an episode of KUEC — please be warned, the podcast is not intended for those under at least 16 or are easily offended) has done little, but I think it’s because I used pink lemonade instead of regular. I think I may have to get some regular lemonade mix and a new bottle of honey because the honey we have has gone sideways and the “honey in hot water” trick does nothing to loosen it up a bit.

Bug is doing fairly well. She’s still hobbling along, but we’re able to let her out with the others to go pee. It also kind of helps that the weather’s crap and none of the others wants to run around and play outside. The swelling’s gone down on her paw, but it still looks a little funny. But she’s doing well overall and loving all of the extra peanut butter we’re willing to give her (which is not a lot due to her stomach issues). She has learned that this injury has helped give her a reason to beg for more belly rubs and it is adorable.

I did not do Day 2 for c25k. I do not feel like a failure, I feel like I should re-start and I have no idea when would be the best time to do it.

Jamie did point out that I could jog or sprint back and forth in the back yard and I told him I’d have to keep an eye out for spots where the dogs went (and Izzy would go nuts). My friend and I were not able to meet up and do the jog/walk thing this week and that’s alright.

If anything, I’m having more second thoughts on doing the 5k walk/run/whathaveyou in October than I am at attempting to do couch to 5k.

And now I am going to continue making a couple of things. I’m hoping listening to something will help take my mind off of my headache and that sometime soon, Uggs will get off my lap so I can go get some fresh tea and something to eat.

Seeing how long this lasts

I am trying the whole Couch to 5k thing. It mentions that the first week is to either A) jog 60 seconds, brisk walk 60 seconds, B) jog 60 seconds, brisk walk for 90 seconds, or C) jog 90 seconds, brisk walk for 60 seconds.

I guess it’s a little something for everyone.

I double checked a couple websites on it, downloaded an app called RunDouble, and downloaded a stopwatch app because apparently I don’t already have one programmed into my phone like Jamie does. And yesterday morning, Jamie and I went for the Day One thing.

We started the five-minute warm-up walking and I’m just fiddling with the c25k app and didn’t realize until we were about to start our first jog that it has a timer for your warmup. I kept the app running and used the stopwatch to track our timing; we listened to the RunDouble app while it read stats and times as we talk about things during the walking periods.

First jog, I made it the 60 seconds. Second and third jog, I made it 50. Jamie said I sounded funny after the first jog and after our second jog, our walks became a little bit longer because he was having some problems. He pointed out that jogging outside on a marked trail (yay for the Greenway) was vastly different than jogging on a treadmill. Fourth jog for me, I made it 46 seconds so overall I was able to get about 3 and a half minutes in of actual jogging. And honestly, I think that’s better than what I did for the entirety of middle school and high school.

I also learned, as I was trying to turn off the RunDouble app, that you can, in fact, “skip” steps if you’ve already done them. I ended up aborting the app and killing any stats for yesterday. So far, I’m going for it, but right now I really don’t know how long my interest in this will be.

Then we got home, I changed for work, and a little while later, I realized that I had written the day’s hours wrong on the chalk board and was about 2 hours late for work. Doing the jogging in the morning helped because I ended up running from one end of the store to the stock room to throw my bag in my locker, clocking in, and hauling ass to my station. I ended up running past the Big Boss and being frazzled for a good three hours afterwards, but it worked out well. We were able to tweak my workday around so I could fix my screwup. (schedule has been double checked, everything is correct, just yesterday on the chalkboard was messed up)

During my break, a friend of mine mentioned that we should do the jog/walk thing together sometime this week and since the c25k thing says week 1 should have 3 days of the jogging/walking thing, this works out great.

Since I had to work late, I couldn’t partake in the Game of Thrones marathon with Jamie, but I was able to watch the Red Wedding with him last night.

Can’t win when it comes to the dogs

Yesterday, Bug fell into a hole, faceplanted, and either broke or sprained her outer toe on her front paw. For a normal dog, this wouldn’t be bad, but for Bug this is bad. She can hardly walk, although as the day has worn on and this is now night number 2 after the initial injury, she can hobble along pretty damn well.

Then again, if peanut butter is anywhere near her, she will try to do anything.

She whined once last night, but hasn’t made a noise since. She has pretty much curled up in her crate and just hung out, enjoying all the extra snuggles and lovins that have been coming her way. Rhonda kept asking how “the baby” was doing and giving her extra scritches and Nanny was asking how her “granpuppy” was.  Bug, according to Jamie, was soaking it all up.

She’s not allowed to interact with the others for now because she’ll try to play with them or get run over by Firefly doing zoomies.

When Izzy went in for her follow-up vet appointment this morning, Jamie broached the topic of Bug and what we could do. Our vet was unhappy (not a disappointed unhappy, but an “awww, not Buggles!” unhappy), made up a perscription for Bugbug, and said that if it doesn’t heal, clear up, etc in 7-10 days, to bring her in for an x-ray. Thankfully, he didn’t say bring her in immediately.

Our vet is awesome. Jamie also showed him the video of Bug running around in the tutu I made her and thought it was great.

This evening, after the dogs were fed and Firefly, Hobbes, and Izzy were let out for their last pee-break, Firefly stepped in a hole or something, squealed, got bowled into by Hobbes, and snapped at him. I double checked the area that she was at, it was a different spot than where Bug was injured, and found nothing that she could’ve injured herself on. The only thing we can gather is that it’s from where they go crazy and scratch into the dirt of the backyard before taking off for zoomies (or it’s from where they’ve decided they want to go crazy and start digging a hole).

Firefly is fine.


On a different topic::

During work today, the furry that hopped around with a squeaker a couple weeks ago came into my line again. She cracks me up and I would totally buy a tail from her if I had the money. Today, I managed to get her Instagram information and told her that I mentioned her on my blog (because of the tails.) It was pretty neat.

So, Roanoke is going to be having a Zombie Run come October. I think this is awesome, I’m glad someone was able to get all the right things together to put one on, and I have decided that I want to join.

I don’t run.

The best thing I can think of to work my way up to this is the Couch to 5k thing. I had mentioned this to Jamie and he suggested that we start tomorrow. I support him in his bodybuilding, he said he will support me in this and who knows, I may find that I enjoy it.

I need to find my password for the intranet at work so I can request the day off (4 months in advance) and now I will go look up Couch to 5k stuff. I also want to see if I can change the clock on my phone to show seconds.