Learn something new everyday: May

I’m a bit surprised. I thought I wouldn’t be able to have everything together and ready to post for another couple of days because it’s been a bit hectic. But yay! Right on schedule.

Learn something new everyday: May

  1. There are “cherry morsels,” like chocolate chips only cherry flavored. I am intrigued and disgusted.
  2. Proof of cannibalism was found and reported officially today. It was for Jamestown, Virginia and a ton of fun to freak people out with this information.
  3. Halmark has a little house charm that looks like a TARDIS.
  4. There is a Hobby Lobby in Danville.
  5. Mike Bennett’s “Poacher’s Cottage” is available for free on the e-reader today (it went back up to 99-cents on May 6th or 7th )
  6. Skittles changed green from lime to green apple. It was a really nasty surprise.
  7. Slenderman is only four years old.
  8. According to this thing I was reading, Eastern Virginia is located beside Tennessee and Kentucky. (link: http://www.damnedct.com/the-melon-heads/ ).
  9. It is easier, cleaner, more cost-effective to buy a can of papaya juice than it is to juice one yourself.
  10. You can successfully make tails (furry tails) with acrylic yarn and a wire dog brush (the ones that have the four or five rows of fine wire)
  11. Apparently to find ambition, one must wade through self-help mumbo jumbo.
  12. “Thief of Always” is going to be a movie? YAY! Squee. (saw the information on Clive Barker’s fb page)
  13. There is a growing number of breweries in our area. I am a bit shocked, a bit intrigued, and a bit annoyed when one of them can’t spell “opening.”
  14. There is a guy where I now work who has a conspiracy theory about water filters and how they will kill/doom us all. (it’s a new one on me)
  15. Petsmart has an anglerfish dog toy! It is adorable!
  16. I can successfully creep out Jamie by mentioning marionettes. (it’s because I really want my own Horace Horrible)
  17. The world’s quietest room is -9 decibels. It is the anechoic chamber at Orfield Labratory in Minneapolis, MN.
  18. It is possible to find a large lizard statue in our area. Jamie’s mom bought it for us, it is awesome, and the cats are terrified.
  19. If you say “pug,” Bug will come running from nowhere.
  20. Using a Kong ball to roll your foot is that painful in a good way, kind of like foam rolling your back.
  21. I can successfully knit a sock! (it is the wrong type of yarn, of course, but this is awesome!)
  22. Joe Hill has a tumblr account. (he uses it like a blog—regular blog, not re-sharing/re-blogging/re-tweeting things)
  23. Target has a TMNT boardgame called “Clash Alley.” It is $18 and I want it. It looks like goofy fun.
  24. Hope, of High Hopes Training, was interviewed for a segment of local television that will be airing in a few weeks. She’s the trainer we went to for Izzy-butt and she is awesome.
  25. There are Bob-omb pjs at Walmart! (they are $12!)
  26. It is possible to weave an unruly rose vine onto a trellis.
  27. Ben&Jerry’s has a coffee ice cream that has espresso bits and chocolate in it. It is awesome.
  28. Mara Wilson did an article for Cracked. (link: http://www.cracked.com/blog/7-reasons-child-stars-go-crazy-an-insiders-perspective/)
  29. Apparently there are people dumb enough to want to give birth in a pool with a dolphin. Hello Darwin awards. (It is Mysterious Universe, episode 720+ [a plus episode, therefore you have to be a paid member to get it], it is near the end of the episode).
  30. I learned how to do a damage tag for work.
  31. Faust likes the taste of red velvet yogurt (he got a couple licks off my finger, so it wasn’t a large amount).

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