dead tired

I felt it’d be good to update this a little bit.

+ I started working on a post for some fairly basic movie overviews, but it’s turned into a half basic half regular film reviews.

+ I got the brilliant idea that I am going to knit a me-sized Slenderman. So I’ve had to figure out how to make socks and I came out fairly well. Part of the heel went a bit weird, but I was able to fix rather easily. Now, I have two socks that I can use for feet and I can go onto the next section: legs. I’m hoping that it’ll turn out fairly well overall.

+ I fucked my foot up somehow and now I have to go on the hunt for a new pair of shoes to help relieve this pain. Because I work with the general public, grabbing a pair of sneakers is a bit harder than normal. Jamie and I went out to one store and the only pair of sneakers I was able to find somewhat comfortable were pretty much a different version of the sneakers that help a little bit already. But, this also means that when I do get a new pair of shoes, I’ll have to officially retire my boots. (it has been almost 9 years since I got them).

But this also means shoe shopping and I hate shopping for shoes. I have teeny feet and I’m picky with my shoes.

+ I finished Bug’s tutu finally. She thinks it’s a chew toy and it’s hilarious I’ve also realized that I’m still about 2-3 inches off when making these things to make sure that they will stay around the belly and not at the hips. Oh well, I’ll get it next time and I can always just shorten the band a hair.

+ Now I need to go work on octoballs, re-write my grocery list, and see what else I can get into.


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