Learn something new everyday: May

I’m a bit surprised. I thought I wouldn’t be able to have everything together and ready to post for another couple of days because it’s been a bit hectic. But yay! Right on schedule.

Learn something new everyday: May

  1. There are “cherry morsels,” like chocolate chips only cherry flavored. I am intrigued and disgusted.
  2. Proof of cannibalism was found and reported officially today. It was for Jamestown, Virginia and a ton of fun to freak people out with this information.
  3. Halmark has a little house charm that looks like a TARDIS.
  4. There is a Hobby Lobby in Danville.
  5. Mike Bennett’s “Poacher’s Cottage” is available for free on the e-reader today (it went back up to 99-cents on May 6th or 7th )
  6. Skittles changed green from lime to green apple. It was a really nasty surprise.
  7. Slenderman is only four years old.
  8. According to this thing I was reading, Eastern Virginia is located beside Tennessee and Kentucky. (link: http://www.damnedct.com/the-melon-heads/ ).
  9. It is easier, cleaner, more cost-effective to buy a can of papaya juice than it is to juice one yourself.
  10. You can successfully make tails (furry tails) with acrylic yarn and a wire dog brush (the ones that have the four or five rows of fine wire)
  11. Apparently to find ambition, one must wade through self-help mumbo jumbo.
  12. “Thief of Always” is going to be a movie? YAY! Squee. (saw the information on Clive Barker’s fb page)
  13. There is a growing number of breweries in our area. I am a bit shocked, a bit intrigued, and a bit annoyed when one of them can’t spell “opening.”
  14. There is a guy where I now work who has a conspiracy theory about water filters and how they will kill/doom us all. (it’s a new one on me)
  15. Petsmart has an anglerfish dog toy! It is adorable!
  16. I can successfully creep out Jamie by mentioning marionettes. (it’s because I really want my own Horace Horrible)
  17. The world’s quietest room is -9 decibels. It is the anechoic chamber at Orfield Labratory in Minneapolis, MN.
  18. It is possible to find a large lizard statue in our area. Jamie’s mom bought it for us, it is awesome, and the cats are terrified.
  19. If you say “pug,” Bug will come running from nowhere.
  20. Using a Kong ball to roll your foot is that painful in a good way, kind of like foam rolling your back.
  21. I can successfully knit a sock! (it is the wrong type of yarn, of course, but this is awesome!)
  22. Joe Hill has a tumblr account. (he uses it like a blog—regular blog, not re-sharing/re-blogging/re-tweeting things)
  23. Target has a TMNT boardgame called “Clash Alley.” It is $18 and I want it. It looks like goofy fun.
  24. Hope, of High Hopes Training, was interviewed for a segment of local television that will be airing in a few weeks. She’s the trainer we went to for Izzy-butt and she is awesome.
  25. There are Bob-omb pjs at Walmart! (they are $12!)
  26. It is possible to weave an unruly rose vine onto a trellis.
  27. Ben&Jerry’s has a coffee ice cream that has espresso bits and chocolate in it. It is awesome.
  28. Mara Wilson did an article for Cracked. (link: http://www.cracked.com/blog/7-reasons-child-stars-go-crazy-an-insiders-perspective/)
  29. Apparently there are people dumb enough to want to give birth in a pool with a dolphin. Hello Darwin awards. (It is Mysterious Universe, episode 720+ [a plus episode, therefore you have to be a paid member to get it], it is near the end of the episode).
  30. I learned how to do a damage tag for work.
  31. Faust likes the taste of red velvet yogurt (he got a couple licks off my finger, so it wasn’t a large amount).

recent books and films

Working where I do, I find myself in a situation similiar to that of a job I had previously: a breakroom where I can sit and read if I end up at work early as well as during my lunchbreak.

+ I somehow managed to get through Bentley Little’s “The Resort” but have only managed to get about 50 pages into his “The Town” before giving up completely. I know set themes are there, but it really grates my nerves if it shows up almost every other paragraph (it seemed like it showed up every other paragraph, I’m not sure if it actually does).

+ I started reading Dave Tate’s books: “Under the Bar” and “Raising the Bar.” Reading through “Under the Bar,” I started getting fairly annoyed with the constant reference to under the bar, but it’s part of his thing and I started on “Raising the Bar,” read a few pages, and just haven’t gone back yet. For the most part, it’s to help find drive, ambition, etc in every aspect of your life–he just happens to write about his thing (powerlifting) but all of the stuff he writes about can be put to use in other parts. Brilliant guy and Jamie orders from his website every so often.

+ I finished “A Feast for Crows” by GRRM and found that I plowed through it reasonably fast after the first few chapters. I know I have to read “Dance with Dragons” but I just haven’t gotten there yet (and that’s a book I don’t want to take to work because it’s the hardback copy)

+ After about a year or so of having Joe Hill’s “Horns,” I am finally reading it. I am really enjoying the novel so far and I’m finding it better than “Heart-Shaped Box.” However, reading this books firmly roots in my mind that Joe Hill is: a great author with a really fucked up imagination, and I applaud him for that. I figure, if I get the opportunity to get his next book, I will definitely find a way to buy it.


Now that I’m working a bit more than I was previously, I’m not watching as many films as I was. However, I have managed to get a few in. I am also planning on doing actual film reviews for them, but I don’t want to right now::

+ I have watched and re-watched quite a few comedy specials. Bill Engvall, Christopher Titus, George Carlin, Russell Peters. They’re fun to listen to while I’m doing things like knitting and I don’t have to pay attention to the screen.

+ Paranormal Incident: which I found rather decent. Sure, it was a bit cheesy and the whole “found footage” thing is getting kind of old, it was done fairly well and I kept thinking of The X-Files, The Lone Gunmen (especially Byers), with a hint of MIB and covert military operations mixed in.

+ Hidden (aka: Hidden 3D): I thought was pretty cool. It was a neat idea, the CGI was really well done, the story was cool, but there were just little things that bugged me–not enough to ruin the film, but enough to go “wtf” for a moment. And hey, killer fireflies.

+ The Wickeds: This is toted as “group of college co-eds go to an abandoned house that is reportedly haunted” if you hover over the photo on Netflix. The page continues the description with “and meet up with a couple graverobbers who are being chased by zombies.” This is a terrible movie. It was like they didn’t know if they were going to make a cheesy horror movie on purpose (to make fun of cheesy horror movies) or if they were going to go for a soft-core porn with a hint of cheesy horror movie. It was scene with zombies, cut to makeout, back to the group of kids, cut to makeout. There is a lot of things I found wrong with this and I only made it through 28 minutes.

+ Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry:: Documentary about a Chinese artist. I had recognized his name from somewhere and later found out why: it’s the guy who did the sunflower seed exhibit. It’s a fascinating documentary about him and I really enjoyed it (he also has 40 cats, one of which can open doors)

+ ParaNorman: a kid can see ghosts, gets told he’s the only one who can save the town from the witch’s curse, and the people who accused the witch come back from the dead (aka: really goofy zombies). The townspeople wreck havoc and it turns into a mushy story about accepting everyone no matter how different they are. The stop-motion animation was pretty awesome, but I think I’ll stick with Coraline.

+ Detropia: a really sad documentary about the collapse of Detroit and the recession. It shows the reality of how everyone’s leaving Detroit, the problems that the automotive industry faced, and how some people tried to keep positive throughout the whole thing. It was a fascinating documentary.

+ Watched a bunch of Eureka and finally gave the new MLP a chance and ended up watching like 6 or 8 episodes. Watched the Bobcat Goldthwait stand up (“You Don’t Look The Same Either”) and found that I like this Bobcat more than I like old Bobcat. Watched a bunch of old cartoons (Grim Adventures, PPG, Cow and Chicken, Dexter’s Lab) because I’m a dork and it was available.

+ The Borrowers: Is adorable. It’s got Rory Pond’s dad as the exterminator (Doctor Who reference) and then I realized it was Arthur Weasley too before I cracked up when I saw Hugh Laurie. I enjoyed it.

+ Big Fish: A guy goes through his dad’s stuff because his dad is dying and is determined to find the truth behind his tall tales. It’s a fascinating movie and really fucking sad at the end, which I wasn’t expecting


And now I’m going to stop because Jamie and I are going to play a round of Mario Party. I’m sure I’ll come up with more ideas of things to make (like the little germ guys from Dr Mario), but for now, a cheesy game that involves Yoshi shaking his tale and Wario getting points taken away when I hit a bad spot sounds a whole lot more fun.

dead tired

I felt it’d be good to update this a little bit.

+ I started working on a post for some fairly basic movie overviews, but it’s turned into a half basic half regular film reviews.

+ I got the brilliant idea that I am going to knit a me-sized Slenderman. So I’ve had to figure out how to make socks and I came out fairly well. Part of the heel went a bit weird, but I was able to fix rather easily. Now, I have two socks that I can use for feet and I can go onto the next section: legs. I’m hoping that it’ll turn out fairly well overall.

+ I fucked my foot up somehow and now I have to go on the hunt for a new pair of shoes to help relieve this pain. Because I work with the general public, grabbing a pair of sneakers is a bit harder than normal. Jamie and I went out to one store and the only pair of sneakers I was able to find somewhat comfortable were pretty much a different version of the sneakers that help a little bit already. But, this also means that when I do get a new pair of shoes, I’ll have to officially retire my boots. (it has been almost 9 years since I got them).

But this also means shoe shopping and I hate shopping for shoes. I have teeny feet and I’m picky with my shoes.

+ I finished Bug’s tutu finally. She thinks it’s a chew toy and it’s hilarious I’ve also realized that I’m still about 2-3 inches off when making these things to make sure that they will stay around the belly and not at the hips. Oh well, I’ll get it next time and I can always just shorten the band a hair.

+ Now I need to go work on octoballs, re-write my grocery list, and see what else I can get into.

Trying to find ambition

Apparently I have to search through all this feel-good, self help, mumbo-jumbo in order to find, hunt, catch, and attain/keep ambition. I lack ambition. I have this feeling that ambition is a small creature who is currently hiding behind a bush, or under the bed.

I found this one list of “How to Build Ambition.” O.o let’s see what it says…

1. Make a list of goals you want to achieve in the next week, month and year

Now to find goals. Jamie and I are discussing different things. For instance: I want to write more, I want to work on my fiction–something that has been seriously lacking for a while. How will I do this? He mentioned: for the month of May, do 200 words a week. June, 300 words a week. The goal is by the end of 2013 to have a short story written, polished, and submitted to an anthology. Gotta start somewhere, right?

And: self employment. I really don’t want to wake up one day and realize that I am still slaving away for “The Man” after XX amount of years. Good goal is to figure out how I will be able to financially support myself, on my own (still paying taxes because gods know I don’t want to fall down that trap), and be self-sufficient monetarily within 5 or so years.

2. Believe in yourself

snerk. This is some funny shit. I believe in myself. I have confidence. And, I can freely admit when my confidence goes in a negative way (i. e. “I am confident I will fuck this up.” or “I am confident ____ will happen.”)

In a nutshell: power of positive thinking, yo.

3. Choose a role model or someone you can look up to, someone who is highly ambitious.

Hmmm… let’s see:
Wil Wheaton
Jenny Lawson
Ursula Vernon
Neil Gaiman
Sir Pterry
William “Bill” Janney (seen happily through rose-tinted glasses)
Guillermo del Toro
Nathan Fillion

Should I add more?
There’s always someone to look up to. I’d rather continue looking up to people, being the student instead of the sage because there’s always something more to learn.
(this is where I stopped so I could copy some stuff down and post here because I’m a dork)

4. Focus on your success and accomplishments, even if you don’t achieve your goal the first time around.

Success: I have made a Slenderman! I am making another one. I have successfully made a Doctor Who scarf. Not once, but SIX Times! How awesome is that!
Little successes: I woke up, I have a job and went to that job today. Far as I know I am healthy, far as I know I’m alive. Good things.
Random accomplishments: I have tried a Cabernet sauvingion that was pretty darn tasty and discussed Malbec wine that I may try in a couple weeks.

5. Develop a mantra or saying to use when you start to feel your ambition slipping

I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can

Does that count? lol
What the hell kind of thing is this? So the best thing to do is to remind myself that I am a leaf on the wind and watch how I soar? Is it more like “Dude, I’ve only got ___random number___ of rows left before I’m done!” or reminding myself that “I can do this!” or “Almost done/Almost there”?
So, all in all: do what I’m doing but be more proactive about it?
(and now my formatting’s all weird. screw it, it’s late [for me], and I want snuggles gorrammit)

What to do

I have determined I have no ambition. I have no idea where it is, I have no idea how to go about getting it or looking for it. I imagine that it’s hiding behind a bush.

I have no idea where my nose ring is. The one I was wearing for a couple of days before yesterday afternoon turned black (ew) and I didn’t know it until after I started pulling it out for work. I stuck it in my pocket, but my pockets have a tendency to eat nose rings for some reason. So, lesson learned: don’t get nose rings from Claire’s, no matter how desperate you are.

I’d like to work for a company that doesn’t give a shit if I’ve got a facial piercing. For the job I’m at now: Tattoos are fine, so long as they’re not “offensive.” Offensive can be subjective when tattoos are concerned. 

I want to do things, but I don’t know what to do, how to go about doing it/them, or I’m just too damn lazy, tired, etc to do anything.

I want to get some super fuzzy socks or thick fabric, get some squeakers, and make Izzy some toys she can enjoy.

I want to make a Horace Horrible. I woke up in the middle of the night a couple days ago trying to figure out how exactly I’d make one.

I want to make more knit Slendermen. I want to make Jason, Michael, Freddy. Even a wolfman.

I want to make more octopi, octoballs, scrubbies. I want to make hats, scarves, dog scarves (Jamie’s been calling them “snarfs” it’s hilarious). 

I want to finish the germ monsters from Dr Mario (it’s a perler bead project. I have 2 of the 3 monsters done). I want to make more of the flowers. I want to make beadie dragonflies–something I haven’t done in years.

I want sleep.

I want to try to bring that comic I attempted a couple years ago back to life. I have quite a bit of ideas and sketches that I never got around to (yay for things Going Crazy). I want to do movie and book reviews again (mainly for my own entertainment. If other people find them useful, funny, whathaveyou then awesome-pawsome).

I want to be able to afford to buy new crates for the dogs. Buy new blankets, towels, sheets, etc for the dogs to sleep on. Our stash is getting smaller since Izzy and Bug had some tummy issues last month.

Jamie mentioned making a 5-year plan. Maybe then I’ll find ambition.