Learn something new everyday: April

Wow, I’m a little early for this, so woohoo.

  1. Even after almost 10 years, the “pregnant smoker” still shows up on random websites. (it’s a photo of a woman who looks like she’s about to pop, smoking while standing on a street corner, and she’s quoted, under the photo, on the “sounds of the jackhammers” are going to hurt her unborn baby. Stay classy, Roanoke.)
  2. Tom Savini has a special effects makeup school!
  3. Working for a small company, chances are you’ll get screwed when you have an emergency. Which is what happened today.
  4. “Duck-Rabbit” amble ale is pretty good. It has an oaty, green aftertaste. I tasted green (green green, not like mold green)
  5. Listening to a podcast and the gentleman mistook an English accent for an Australian accent. How do you do this?
  6. I have seen a real-life Sontoran, he goes by the name “Mendy.” (Jamie and I were watching a documentary called “Power Unlimited” and this guy was on there).
  7. “Dead Eye” is a fun mix and sometimes helps my brainworms. (a “dead eye” is 3 shots of espresso mixed in a cup of coffee. It is awesome)
  8. Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham) is in the upcoming Doctor Who episode, “Cold War”! (I like Liam Cunningham, he cracked me up in “Dog Soldiers”)
  9. Venture Bros is on Netflix insta-watch!
  10. Firefly really doesn’t like the Falmers in Skyrim.
  11. You can break a smartphone while it’s in its case. Yep, I’m awesome like that.
  12. Pixi Stix do, indeed, go stale.
  13. Our cell provider dropped our cell insurance and we didn’t know until we went in to get a replacement.
  14. There is a thing called a “Lawn Crawfish.” Apparently they are prevalent in the South. (depending on who you speak with, Virginia is part of the South and not because we’re “too North.”)
  15. “Dead Snow” is getting a sequel!
  16. Bill Cosby is coming to Roanoke. I find this both weird and hilarious.
  17. Even if it’s called “The Graveyard Mansion,” chances are it’ll be a very uninteresting story/place. (radio show “The Witch’s Tale” has this as an episode, I found it really…blah)
  18. It takes forever to move things to a new phone when you realize your original phone never got synched.
  19. Bulletproof Sam has found his furever home! Yay!
  20. Chances are, if someone says they’ll help you with something on their lunch break, they won’t do it.
  21. If you shake hands over Izzy’s head, she’ll look up and nod along.
  22. New Peeps flavors: Bubblegum and Lemonade. This is weird and yet intriguing.
  23. GRRM bought a 1-screen theatre as a way of “giving back” to his community. This is awesome.
  24. Sir Chick and Doodlebug’s two-legged puppy arrived. I may be a day or so late, but it showed up on my fb feed today.
  25. Camp AuSome was awarded a grant from Autism Speaks! (AuSome is a local summer camp)
  26. They have kitty bath wipes at Walmart.
  27. It is possible to tie on Mario Party 9. (chances are, it’s probably because we got stuck on the little star island thing on the Blooper’s Beach level)
  28. Airheads are made in Kentucky.
  29. There’s a typewriter shop in Roanoke. And apparently it’s still in business.
  30. For the three other flavors of Angry Orchard (Iceman, Strawman, Elderflower), only Lynchburg and Richmond are showing up as having Elderflower available. As much as I enjoy some Angry Orchard, driving out a few hours to attempt to get something they may or may not have that I have not tried is not something I want to do.

And, my super awesome, super ugly, old afghan is officially no more. Hobbes finished ripping it in half and there’s no way it can survive another round of wash/dry, so into the trash it went. It survived well over 20 years so it’s ok.


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