Trying to keep afloat

I got a new job and it was like “here’s your new job, try not to sink!” and thrown into it. It’ll be fine, it’s just trying to get used to the schedule.

Because of the New Job, I haven’t done as much knitting and things as I’d like, but! Jamie and I were able to help clean Rhonda’s yard as a surprise for Allen. On the side of knitting, I did start working on a scarf and I immediately thought of attempting to knit a blanket with this type of yarn. I am not going to knit any blankets right now. When I get the chance, I will be working on a little zombie that was requested…two years ago or so by our friend AJ (who excitedly said that as soon as I figure it out, can I please please please make him a zombie)

The cats are doing good, Ugly’s been going through some crazy spells which are awesome. The dogs are doing good. Izzy’s doing really well for class–when it came time to “shake hands with a stranger” she looked up and nodded her head in-time with the handshake. It was really adorable. Firefly got a scratch-puncture on her head from playing, but we cleaned it, neosporined it a ton, and it’s barely noticeable now. I’m waiting for her to eat her first bee of the year, but there’s a chance that Bug may do it this year since she’s been hopping after bumble bees whenever she notices them.

the plus side is, we’ve been able to find the stingers easily and pull them out with no problems. When Firefly eats bees, she comes in, lays down, and goes “humph.” Give her a Benadryl after taking the stinger out, let her nap a bit, and she’s good to go.

Now to do a horrible thing: knock Mr Uggs off my lap and go take the dogs out. I’ve got a small window to get things done before I go on my way to work.


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