household update

I haven’t talked about how the monkeys are for a bit, so I figured I’d talk about them now.

Uggs is doing fairly well. He’s been extra snuggly lately and we’ve been keeping an eye on him. He really does not like Faust, so their introductions are coming along very slowly

Snooch is, well, Snooch. Fat-boy is now officially heavier than the Poedog (Jamie’s mom’s pomeranian, he’s standard size) by about three or so pounds. We found this out at Poedog’s latest vet visit and we have decided that Snoochie needs some sort of excersize regimine. The only thing we can come up with is the laser pointer.

Faust is doing fine, loves sleeping on dirty towels, and is the first cat we’ve had that likes to attack toilet paper. He’s a pretty laid-back cat who likes to talk.

Firefly has been doing good. Since the others either have training or have been having upset tummies, we let Fly into the livingroom (something none of them are allowed to do) and snuggled up with her while Jamie played Skyrim and I was working on knitting. We learned she doesn’t like the Falmer (on Skyrim)

Hobbes had to be taken to the vet last week because he decided he was going to be naughty and knock over the trashcan. I had thought that I had gotten to him before he did anything besides snuffle around, but he managed to eat plastic. He’s fine now, back to his normal self–including the “I don’t care that it’s 80+ degrees outside, I’m going to lay out, in the dirt, and stay here forever” mentality that he gets every time it gets above 70 degrees outside. He loves hanging out in the backyard.

Bug’s been having tummy issues again, part of which was a mix of food (old mixed food at the bottom of the container, new dog food getting put in, treats she shouldn’t have had like a piece of chicken sausage with mozzarella and spinach in it). If anything changes, I kind of expect her to have tummy issues, but it’s been off and on for a couple of days, but she’s eating normal and drinking water like she should. She’s also been a crazy dog and slowly turning herself green from grass stains.

Izzy has been having an upset tummy (due to food), but it’s my fault. We’ve been mixing some stuff into her food for her coat and to try to get a bit more weight on her. She goes through these little times where it looks like she’s super skinny, but she weighs 40-some pounds. She’s also been enrolled in Advanced Obedience to help with her shyness. The class also does training for Canine Good Citizenship (CGC), which tests at the end of the 6-week course, so if she passes, she’ll be our first CGC certified dog. If she doesn’t, then that’s ok because we’re not expecting it. We’re wanting her to do training to work on her to overcome her fears.

Speaking of which, she’s been doing much better when going out places. She stopped freaking out over the doors of Petsmart, she ignores shopping carts completely (but we did learn that baskets freak her the hell out, so we’ll need to work with that), she’s actually gone up to two people for sniffs/pets! Two totally random people! Izzybutt’s getting brave!

We also took her and Bug out for a walk this past Sunday around Downtown. Bug doesn’t go out on walks much (because of various things: grates, gravel, etc), but she did really well and was trying to make sure the few people we saw would come give her scritches. Izzy did really well until a random motorcycle flew by and we were a few streets from the car. Both monkeys did really well and I’m proud of them both. However, Bug strained her leg from the large walk we had and we realized now is the time to start giving her glucosamine to help keep her joints healthy (especially her front leg). Bug’s doing much better and yesterday decided she wanted to try to dig a new hole in the backyard.

And, in other news, we got a copy of Bioshock, so Jamie’s been going back and forth between that and Skyrim. I’m working on stressballs because they’re fun. And yesterday, I dropped my phone and spider-webbed the screen. So far it works fairly well (except for the random text it sent Jamie), I have to go by the company store and see what can be done about it. I pay insurance on it every month, yet the website for their insurance says I don’t have an account with them, so that’ just another thing to stress about. Yay.


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