Making scrubbies

Last week or so, Jamie realized that our latest dish sponge (aka: scrubbie) was really gross but didn’t want to go to the store just to buy a new one. I figured, I have a bunch of yarn, some of which I have no idea what to do with right now, why not see if I can knit a scrubbie?

I had seen a blog post about a year or so ago where someone had knitted a couple, but never mentioned if they were any good when it came to actually washing dishes. So, winging it, I made one, used it for washing the dishes, and it worked really well. Then I realized I should probably make a bigger size since Jamie has larger hands than I do.

He pointed out that both sizes have their advantages: the larger one is great for basic wipe-downs and the smaller one is really good for scrubbing the dried-on grease parts (or, in our case, burned on seasoning). He also said I should make them to see if I can sell a few. People like reusable things, people like being Green, and you just never know.

So, onwards to the next experiment: washing and drying these things.

They didn’t break up in the washer, which I was afraid of, and they survived the dryer. I threw these in with a load of dog-stuff (which I think is the best test) and they came out fine. I thought one of the scrubbies had shrunk, but it didn’t. It just flattened out a little bit, but I was able to start using it again as the dish scrubbie and it’s been fine. It continued to manage to get the burned on grease-and-seasoning lump off one of the pans.

Then, the latest experiment that I wasn’t intending but happened anyway: Dog Crates.

The scrubbies work really well for scrubbing accidents off of dog crates as well as scrubbing ceramic tile (downside is there’s still a hint of rust from the edge of the dog crate still on the ceramic tile, but it needs more than just Dr Bronner’s and a scrubbie)

The 2 sizes that I’ve made. The quarter is just for sizing references.

The photo is of the two newest ones I’ve made to mainly show size. The larger one is roughly the size of …a coffee mug or one of those plastic scrubbies, the smaller one is probably roughly the size of a brillo pad. (it’s also almost the same size as the palm of my hand, so it’s great for little hands/fingers)

I have considered seeing if I can sell these, especially to people who have pets. Unlike regular scrubbies that you can get at the store, these are washable (and who wants to put a pet scrubbie in your microwave to “kill the germs”?), and you can even use them for reptile tanks. I used one of these for our Dante’s tank and it worked so much better than trying to use a store-bought scrubbie.

They’re easy to keep track of, easy to separate if you don’t want to cross-contaminate even after washing and drying them. They can go in the same load as towels. And, if you prefer the all-plastic scrubbies that look like these, the knitted ones are so much easier on your fingers. I haven’t scratched the pots, pans, and baking sheets with these. I’ve cleaned knives and forks with these and the most that happened was that I thought I pulled string out but it was where the fork when through the little holes between the stitches and everything was fine.

They’re pretty fun and I’ve been enjoying them. (and hey, it also beats having a slimy dish rag in the sink)


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