Learn something new everyday: March

Ok, so I’m a day late. I forgot to write something for the 19th and couldn’t find any posts on other places (facebook and twitter) so I’m leaving it blank.

Now! Without further delay!


Learn Something New Everyday: March!

  1. Red Heart brand yarn for Heather Grey went from 7 oz per skein to 5 oz per skein. What the hell.
  2. Tolkien and Lewis would meet Tuesday mornings for booze and story discussions (source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/10-authors-that-could-party-way-harder-than-you )
  3. Nikolaj Coster-Waldu (Jaime in the Game of Thrones series) is in del Toro’s film “Mama.”
  4. I can successfully knit an octopus.
  5. There is a recipe to make homemade Surge that is, apparently, “very close in taste to the actual thing.” ( source: http://www.savesurge.org/recipe.shtml )
  6. Faust, our new cat, is extremely talkative.
  7. Lon Chaney only responded to letters by convicts. (source: “Lon Chaney: Behind the Mask.” 1995, is currently available on Netflix Insta-Watch.)
  8. The guy who created “Plague, Inc” got invited to speak at the CDC (source: http://www.polygon.com/2013/3/8/4080438/plague-inc-cdc-james-vaughn-spread-infectious-disease )
  9. You can make the Sweetroll found in Skyrim (link: http://www.gourmetgaming.co.uk/post/12553999356/the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-sweet-roll-this **note: I am not sure if this is the recipe Jamie used to make me a Sweetroll, but my guess is that it’s fairly close to what he made.)
  10. Not a fan of the new My Little Pony, but I had to explain who Tex and Dr Whooves (“Timeturner”) was to someone who claims to be obsessed with the new MLP. (I don’t even watch new MLP)
  11. (super sick, so no updatey thing for today)
  12. “Un Chien Andalou” is on Netflix’s Insta-Watch!
  13. “Lucid” was the first absinthe to be licensed in the US in 95 years (source: “Absinthe” documentary; currently available on Netflix Insta-Watch)
  14. Our friend’s granddaughter’s birthday is today. She shares a birthday with Einstein!
  15. The Bonsack Walmart sells mini pots-n-pans. They’re like the size of my hand.
  16. Apparently I’m a weirdo for getting excited over little things, like airheads for a quarter a piece.
  17. Skyrim’s “Seekers” are floaty Cthulhus!
  18. “Frankenstein’s Army” is gathering a lot of momentum. Currently the only US information is “will be shown at Tribeca.”
  19. Wil Wheaton is a fan of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series and is currently on book 3. I really hope he gets through the Red Wedding.
  20. Mike Bennett’s reading for “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” is now available on Podiobooks. I downloaded it and when I got near the end (the part where he’s hiding from the townspeople), I had goosebumps. Delightfully creepy and awesome, as always (because Mike Bennett does an amazing job with all of his podcasts)
  21. Apparently Etsy really isn’t free. In all honesty, I don’t blame them at all. There should be a small fee to be charged so they can keep the site up-to-date and everything. As of today, their thing says it’s 20-cents to list an item for sale and they have a 3.5% charge fee of whatever you sell. I can’t afford something like this right now.
  22. Typing up a list of things I wanted to make made me realize there’s still a ton left to do. (I’m at 80+ things to make, and that’s just knitting projects!)
  23. Izzy’s becoming braver! She didn’t freak out over the doors at Petsmart (first time!) Yay!!
  24. Hand-knit scrubbies work awesomely. I should make more.
  25. If you put a jar under hot water for a few seconds, it will make it easier to open.
  26. My mom will be joining the early 2000s; she’s getting High Speed Internets.
  27. Apparently there’s a bit of “A Dance with Dragons” (book 5) in Game of Thrones Season 3. (crap. I’m not even halfway through “Feast for Crows”)
  28.  (wracking my brain. Oh! Yeah!) The Walmart near where I work sells the little super-thin feather boa things by the yard. I thought this would be awesome for if I make cat toys.
  29. Killer Bunnies (the game) is really fun to play. There’s quite a few rules, but it’s still pretty neat and it’s pretty cool when you’ve got seasoned players more than happy to help you out. (also a plus: I got Jamie to play with us! Score one for me!)
  30. “Neon” coloured egg dyes (from like the PAAS “Eggstra-terrestrial” egg dye kit) is full of lies. They are not neon coloured when you let them dry. I guess if you let the eggs sit in the coloured water/vinegar mix for like 20 minutes and then let them dry they might be neon—but that isn’t something we can do since they were hard boiled eggs for Jamie’s diet.

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