Learn something new everyday: April

Wow, I’m a little early for this, so woohoo.

  1. Even after almost 10 years, the “pregnant smoker” still shows up on random websites. (it’s a photo of a woman who looks like she’s about to pop, smoking while standing on a street corner, and she’s quoted, under the photo, on the “sounds of the jackhammers” are going to hurt her unborn baby. Stay classy, Roanoke.)
  2. Tom Savini has a special effects makeup school!
  3. Working for a small company, chances are you’ll get screwed when you have an emergency. Which is what happened today.
  4. “Duck-Rabbit” amble ale is pretty good. It has an oaty, green aftertaste. I tasted green (green green, not like mold green)
  5. Listening to a podcast and the gentleman mistook an English accent for an Australian accent. How do you do this?
  6. I have seen a real-life Sontoran, he goes by the name “Mendy.” (Jamie and I were watching a documentary called “Power Unlimited” and this guy was on there).
  7. “Dead Eye” is a fun mix and sometimes helps my brainworms. (a “dead eye” is 3 shots of espresso mixed in a cup of coffee. It is awesome)
  8. Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham) is in the upcoming Doctor Who episode, “Cold War”! (I like Liam Cunningham, he cracked me up in “Dog Soldiers”)
  9. Venture Bros is on Netflix insta-watch!
  10. Firefly really doesn’t like the Falmers in Skyrim.
  11. You can break a smartphone while it’s in its case. Yep, I’m awesome like that.
  12. Pixi Stix do, indeed, go stale.
  13. Our cell provider dropped our cell insurance and we didn’t know until we went in to get a replacement.
  14. There is a thing called a “Lawn Crawfish.” Apparently they are prevalent in the South. (depending on who you speak with, Virginia is part of the South and not because we’re “too North.”)
  15. “Dead Snow” is getting a sequel!
  16. Bill Cosby is coming to Roanoke. I find this both weird and hilarious.
  17. Even if it’s called “The Graveyard Mansion,” chances are it’ll be a very uninteresting story/place. (radio show “The Witch’s Tale” has this as an episode, I found it really…blah)
  18. It takes forever to move things to a new phone when you realize your original phone never got synched.
  19. Bulletproof Sam has found his furever home! Yay!
  20. Chances are, if someone says they’ll help you with something on their lunch break, they won’t do it.
  21. If you shake hands over Izzy’s head, she’ll look up and nod along.
  22. New Peeps flavors: Bubblegum and Lemonade. This is weird and yet intriguing.
  23. GRRM bought a 1-screen theatre as a way of “giving back” to his community. This is awesome.
  24. Sir Chick and Doodlebug’s two-legged puppy arrived. I may be a day or so late, but it showed up on my fb feed today.
  25. Camp AuSome was awarded a grant from Autism Speaks! (AuSome is a local summer camp)
  26. They have kitty bath wipes at Walmart.
  27. It is possible to tie on Mario Party 9. (chances are, it’s probably because we got stuck on the little star island thing on the Blooper’s Beach level)
  28. Airheads are made in Kentucky.
  29. There’s a typewriter shop in Roanoke. And apparently it’s still in business.
  30. For the three other flavors of Angry Orchard (Iceman, Strawman, Elderflower), only Lynchburg and Richmond are showing up as having Elderflower available. As much as I enjoy some Angry Orchard, driving out a few hours to attempt to get something they may or may not have that I have not tried is not something I want to do.

And, my super awesome, super ugly, old afghan is officially no more. Hobbes finished ripping it in half and there’s no way it can survive another round of wash/dry, so into the trash it went. It survived well over 20 years so it’s ok.


Trying to keep afloat

I got a new job and it was like “here’s your new job, try not to sink!” and thrown into it. It’ll be fine, it’s just trying to get used to the schedule.

Because of the New Job, I haven’t done as much knitting and things as I’d like, but! Jamie and I were able to help clean Rhonda’s yard as a surprise for Allen. On the side of knitting, I did start working on a scarf and I immediately thought of attempting to knit a blanket with this type of yarn. I am not going to knit any blankets right now. When I get the chance, I will be working on a little zombie that was requested…two years ago or so by our friend AJ (who excitedly said that as soon as I figure it out, can I please please please make him a zombie)

The cats are doing good, Ugly’s been going through some crazy spells which are awesome. The dogs are doing good. Izzy’s doing really well for class–when it came time to “shake hands with a stranger” she looked up and nodded her head in-time with the handshake. It was really adorable. Firefly got a scratch-puncture on her head from playing, but we cleaned it, neosporined it a ton, and it’s barely noticeable now. I’m waiting for her to eat her first bee of the year, but there’s a chance that Bug may do it this year since she’s been hopping after bumble bees whenever she notices them.

the plus side is, we’ve been able to find the stingers easily and pull them out with no problems. When Firefly eats bees, she comes in, lays down, and goes “humph.” Give her a Benadryl after taking the stinger out, let her nap a bit, and she’s good to go.

Now to do a horrible thing: knock Mr Uggs off my lap and go take the dogs out. I’ve got a small window to get things done before I go on my way to work.

household update

I haven’t talked about how the monkeys are for a bit, so I figured I’d talk about them now.

Uggs is doing fairly well. He’s been extra snuggly lately and we’ve been keeping an eye on him. He really does not like Faust, so their introductions are coming along very slowly

Snooch is, well, Snooch. Fat-boy is now officially heavier than the Poedog (Jamie’s mom’s pomeranian, he’s standard size) by about three or so pounds. We found this out at Poedog’s latest vet visit and we have decided that Snoochie needs some sort of excersize regimine. The only thing we can come up with is the laser pointer.

Faust is doing fine, loves sleeping on dirty towels, and is the first cat we’ve had that likes to attack toilet paper. He’s a pretty laid-back cat who likes to talk.

Firefly has been doing good. Since the others either have training or have been having upset tummies, we let Fly into the livingroom (something none of them are allowed to do) and snuggled up with her while Jamie played Skyrim and I was working on knitting. We learned she doesn’t like the Falmer (on Skyrim)

Hobbes had to be taken to the vet last week because he decided he was going to be naughty and knock over the trashcan. I had thought that I had gotten to him before he did anything besides snuffle around, but he managed to eat plastic. He’s fine now, back to his normal self–including the “I don’t care that it’s 80+ degrees outside, I’m going to lay out, in the dirt, and stay here forever” mentality that he gets every time it gets above 70 degrees outside. He loves hanging out in the backyard.

Bug’s been having tummy issues again, part of which was a mix of food (old mixed food at the bottom of the container, new dog food getting put in, treats she shouldn’t have had like a piece of chicken sausage with mozzarella and spinach in it). If anything changes, I kind of expect her to have tummy issues, but it’s been off and on for a couple of days, but she’s eating normal and drinking water like she should. She’s also been a crazy dog and slowly turning herself green from grass stains.

Izzy has been having an upset tummy (due to food), but it’s my fault. We’ve been mixing some stuff into her food for her coat and to try to get a bit more weight on her. She goes through these little times where it looks like she’s super skinny, but she weighs 40-some pounds. She’s also been enrolled in Advanced Obedience to help with her shyness. The class also does training for Canine Good Citizenship (CGC), which tests at the end of the 6-week course, so if she passes, she’ll be our first CGC certified dog. If she doesn’t, then that’s ok because we’re not expecting it. We’re wanting her to do training to work on her to overcome her fears.

Speaking of which, she’s been doing much better when going out places. She stopped freaking out over the doors of Petsmart, she ignores shopping carts completely (but we did learn that baskets freak her the hell out, so we’ll need to work with that), she’s actually gone up to two people for sniffs/pets! Two totally random people! Izzybutt’s getting brave!

We also took her and Bug out for a walk this past Sunday around Downtown. Bug doesn’t go out on walks much (because of various things: grates, gravel, etc), but she did really well and was trying to make sure the few people we saw would come give her scritches. Izzy did really well until a random motorcycle flew by and we were a few streets from the car. Both monkeys did really well and I’m proud of them both. However, Bug strained her leg from the large walk we had and we realized now is the time to start giving her glucosamine to help keep her joints healthy (especially her front leg). Bug’s doing much better and yesterday decided she wanted to try to dig a new hole in the backyard.

And, in other news, we got a copy of Bioshock, so Jamie’s been going back and forth between that and Skyrim. I’m working on stressballs because they’re fun. And yesterday, I dropped my phone and spider-webbed the screen. So far it works fairly well (except for the random text it sent Jamie), I have to go by the company store and see what can be done about it. I pay insurance on it every month, yet the website for their insurance says I don’t have an account with them, so that’ just another thing to stress about. Yay.

Making scrubbies

Last week or so, Jamie realized that our latest dish sponge (aka: scrubbie) was really gross but didn’t want to go to the store just to buy a new one. I figured, I have a bunch of yarn, some of which I have no idea what to do with right now, why not see if I can knit a scrubbie?

I had seen a blog post about a year or so ago where someone had knitted a couple, but never mentioned if they were any good when it came to actually washing dishes. So, winging it, I made one, used it for washing the dishes, and it worked really well. Then I realized I should probably make a bigger size since Jamie has larger hands than I do.

He pointed out that both sizes have their advantages: the larger one is great for basic wipe-downs and the smaller one is really good for scrubbing the dried-on grease parts (or, in our case, burned on seasoning). He also said I should make them to see if I can sell a few. People like reusable things, people like being Green, and you just never know.

So, onwards to the next experiment: washing and drying these things.

They didn’t break up in the washer, which I was afraid of, and they survived the dryer. I threw these in with a load of dog-stuff (which I think is the best test) and they came out fine. I thought one of the scrubbies had shrunk, but it didn’t. It just flattened out a little bit, but I was able to start using it again as the dish scrubbie and it’s been fine. It continued to manage to get the burned on grease-and-seasoning lump off one of the pans.

Then, the latest experiment that I wasn’t intending but happened anyway: Dog Crates.

The scrubbies work really well for scrubbing accidents off of dog crates as well as scrubbing ceramic tile (downside is there’s still a hint of rust from the edge of the dog crate still on the ceramic tile, but it needs more than just Dr Bronner’s and a scrubbie)

The 2 sizes that I’ve made. The quarter is just for sizing references.

The photo is of the two newest ones I’ve made to mainly show size. The larger one is roughly the size of …a coffee mug or one of those plastic scrubbies, the smaller one is probably roughly the size of a brillo pad. (it’s also almost the same size as the palm of my hand, so it’s great for little hands/fingers)

I have considered seeing if I can sell these, especially to people who have pets. Unlike regular scrubbies that you can get at the store, these are washable (and who wants to put a pet scrubbie in your microwave to “kill the germs”?), and you can even use them for reptile tanks. I used one of these for our Dante’s tank and it worked so much better than trying to use a store-bought scrubbie.

They’re easy to keep track of, easy to separate if you don’t want to cross-contaminate even after washing and drying them. They can go in the same load as towels. And, if you prefer the all-plastic scrubbies that look like these, the knitted ones are so much easier on your fingers. I haven’t scratched the pots, pans, and baking sheets with these. I’ve cleaned knives and forks with these and the most that happened was that I thought I pulled string out but it was where the fork when through the little holes between the stitches and everything was fine.

They’re pretty fun and I’ve been enjoying them. (and hey, it also beats having a slimy dish rag in the sink)

Childhood scares

The other day, or a week or so ago, I found myself amused by the Buzzfeed thing “23 Things That Scared the Bejesus Out of You as a Kid.” It was laughable, to me, because almost all of the stuff I didn’t find scary as a kid. But, I know that fear and what is considered scary is completely different for everyone. We can share fears, but our own set of fears is our own little bundle of things that help shape us into who we are.

Looking through these made me want to do my own little bundle of things that scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. I’m limiting to movies and television to see what comes about.

So! In no particular order:

The introduction for Tales From The Darkside

Being 3 or 4 at the time, and always finding it really weird that this was way scarier than Tales from the Crypt, the introduction to this series always freaked me the hell out. The stories were great, but if I was going to watch it, we had to wait for the intro to finish.


Pennywise the Clown dressed as the little old lady.

I was 4. This was scarier than the growing dread of knowing the Critters were slowly coming up the stairs to eat you.



Not the movie, but the damn doll. I had a doll, known as a Patty Play Pal, that was like the real-life version of a talking doll that, if it did become aware, would probably go on a murderous rampage. This thing blinked, moved its eyes, moved its head, and “talked.” (it moved its mouth that would “synch” up to whatever tape you had going in the “tape player” that looked like a lunchbox.).

Strangely, there is a “girl” version of this film. It’s a b-movie ripoff, that uses Patty Play Pal as the murderous doll. Talk about a mindfuck. (and currently I cannot find it. damn. It was the 80s version of Patti Playpal, which was the version I had (ugly pink sweater and when it was a fashion to wear socks with tights)


The ball of Critters rolling over the guy and leaving a picked-clean skeleton

Until that moment, Critters didn’t freak me out all that much. It was really bizarre to see that this monstrous ball of creatures could roll around and in mere seconds turn a human into a perfectly white skeleton.

Honestly, I haven’t seen the film since. I figure that eventually I’ll re-visit it and see if it holds up to what I remember. (then again, I plan on watching, or re-watching, the slasher films of my childhood to see how they hold up) Video is the Critters 2 trailer, which has a glimpse of the ball since I currently can’t find a clip of what I’m talking about.


The toilet scene in Ghoulies 2

When I saw this, I was between the ages of 3 and 5. My parents had rented this from the little locally-owned hole-in-the-wall video store (this was before franchised/corporate-owned rental shops showed up in my hometown) and watched it. The house I spent my early years in freaked me out already, this just solidified the fact that the bathroom was creepy as hell.


The People Under the Stairs

Most people will agree that this is a fucking creepy movie. Especially the tongue thing. (it probably doesn’t hold up by today’s standards, but I still won’t watch it)


The eyeball scene from Congo

Yes, it’s a mostly-boring movie (I spent my time rooting for the silverback gorillas), but the scene where the guy either sits down to eat a Hershey bar or finds the Hershey bar and eyeballs just fall down, I freaked the fuck out.


Speaking of eyeballs…

There’s a scene in a film, that I still refuse to look up which film it is (It’s a Prophecy, Warlock, whathaveyou film), and the group has “captured” the bad guy, ripped out his eyeballs, and when someone looks away, they do a closeup of the eyes (optical nerves attached) and another of the group starts screaming. Then we learn that they’ve pulled out the eyes of someone in the good guy group and there’s just blood and these two black holes.


The owl from Rockadoodle

This is supposed to be a happy, campy, sad things happen before we go on an Adventur to make it right movie. Then we have the owl and he is fucking creepy. I even watched this movie a couple years ago and my adult brain agreed: the owl is still damn creepy.




If I could think of any more, I could add more on. But these are the ones that mainly pop up.

I grew up watching horror films. The scariest thing I remember about Jason was him jumping out from the darkness to kill some kids, Freddie coming to you in dreams (and I had enough nightmares as a kid so I didn’t need that), Dr Giggles was fucking awesome (and now it’s just cheesy goodness). You see one eyeball-pokey scene, you’ve seen them all. And these are the ones that I can remember, even now, scaring me. Tales from the Crypt was something to look forward to (hell, I begged my parents to get Bordello of Blood and Demon Knight so we could watch it), Are You Afraid of the Dark? was my weekly squee into the weird, obscure, and paranormal (the original, not that newer group where Tucker was the leader and it was all of his friends)

And yes, I do realize being terrified of Chucky is kind of ridiculous–especially after he became increasingly more cheesy than horror. (And Bride of Chucky, really? the only good thing about that was seeing Jennifer Tilly). But how many kids had a “life sized” doll that was battery-operated for talking and movement? I was one of 2 kids I knew that had one and I was convinced that doll was going to kill me in my sleep. (I think my mom still has the doll)

Learn something new everyday: March

Ok, so I’m a day late. I forgot to write something for the 19th and couldn’t find any posts on other places (facebook and twitter) so I’m leaving it blank.

Now! Without further delay!


Learn Something New Everyday: March!

  1. Red Heart brand yarn for Heather Grey went from 7 oz per skein to 5 oz per skein. What the hell.
  2. Tolkien and Lewis would meet Tuesday mornings for booze and story discussions (source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/10-authors-that-could-party-way-harder-than-you )
  3. Nikolaj Coster-Waldu (Jaime in the Game of Thrones series) is in del Toro’s film “Mama.”
  4. I can successfully knit an octopus.
  5. There is a recipe to make homemade Surge that is, apparently, “very close in taste to the actual thing.” ( source: http://www.savesurge.org/recipe.shtml )
  6. Faust, our new cat, is extremely talkative.
  7. Lon Chaney only responded to letters by convicts. (source: “Lon Chaney: Behind the Mask.” 1995, is currently available on Netflix Insta-Watch.)
  8. The guy who created “Plague, Inc” got invited to speak at the CDC (source: http://www.polygon.com/2013/3/8/4080438/plague-inc-cdc-james-vaughn-spread-infectious-disease )
  9. You can make the Sweetroll found in Skyrim (link: http://www.gourmetgaming.co.uk/post/12553999356/the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-sweet-roll-this **note: I am not sure if this is the recipe Jamie used to make me a Sweetroll, but my guess is that it’s fairly close to what he made.)
  10. Not a fan of the new My Little Pony, but I had to explain who Tex and Dr Whooves (“Timeturner”) was to someone who claims to be obsessed with the new MLP. (I don’t even watch new MLP)
  11. (super sick, so no updatey thing for today)
  12. “Un Chien Andalou” is on Netflix’s Insta-Watch!
  13. “Lucid” was the first absinthe to be licensed in the US in 95 years (source: “Absinthe” documentary; currently available on Netflix Insta-Watch)
  14. Our friend’s granddaughter’s birthday is today. She shares a birthday with Einstein!
  15. The Bonsack Walmart sells mini pots-n-pans. They’re like the size of my hand.
  16. Apparently I’m a weirdo for getting excited over little things, like airheads for a quarter a piece.
  17. Skyrim’s “Seekers” are floaty Cthulhus!
  18. “Frankenstein’s Army” is gathering a lot of momentum. Currently the only US information is “will be shown at Tribeca.”
  19. Wil Wheaton is a fan of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series and is currently on book 3. I really hope he gets through the Red Wedding.
  20. Mike Bennett’s reading for “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” is now available on Podiobooks. I downloaded it and when I got near the end (the part where he’s hiding from the townspeople), I had goosebumps. Delightfully creepy and awesome, as always (because Mike Bennett does an amazing job with all of his podcasts)
  21. Apparently Etsy really isn’t free. In all honesty, I don’t blame them at all. There should be a small fee to be charged so they can keep the site up-to-date and everything. As of today, their thing says it’s 20-cents to list an item for sale and they have a 3.5% charge fee of whatever you sell. I can’t afford something like this right now.
  22. Typing up a list of things I wanted to make made me realize there’s still a ton left to do. (I’m at 80+ things to make, and that’s just knitting projects!)
  23. Izzy’s becoming braver! She didn’t freak out over the doors at Petsmart (first time!) Yay!!
  24. Hand-knit scrubbies work awesomely. I should make more.
  25. If you put a jar under hot water for a few seconds, it will make it easier to open.
  26. My mom will be joining the early 2000s; she’s getting High Speed Internets.
  27. Apparently there’s a bit of “A Dance with Dragons” (book 5) in Game of Thrones Season 3. (crap. I’m not even halfway through “Feast for Crows”)
  28.  (wracking my brain. Oh! Yeah!) The Walmart near where I work sells the little super-thin feather boa things by the yard. I thought this would be awesome for if I make cat toys.
  29. Killer Bunnies (the game) is really fun to play. There’s quite a few rules, but it’s still pretty neat and it’s pretty cool when you’ve got seasoned players more than happy to help you out. (also a plus: I got Jamie to play with us! Score one for me!)
  30. “Neon” coloured egg dyes (from like the PAAS “Eggstra-terrestrial” egg dye kit) is full of lies. They are not neon coloured when you let them dry. I guess if you let the eggs sit in the coloured water/vinegar mix for like 20 minutes and then let them dry they might be neon—but that isn’t something we can do since they were hard boiled eggs for Jamie’s diet.