half-thought plans

So! Things!

Firstly: I got a message on Ravelry asking if I’d like to join a local knitting group…three months ago. Crap! So, I sent a response saying yes! I would like to! And apologized because I just completely forgot I had a Ravelry account and things that just been like “I don’t want to do anything but surf the web and knit.”

I need to send them a message and ask about what I can do because we do have cats and dogs. The group is for making chemo hats and I don’t want to have anyone get adverse reactions due to my knitting a hat and getting pet-dander on it. For those who don’t have cats, especially cats like Ugly who shed, it doesn’t matter how careful you are—cat hair will get everywhere.

It’s kind of like glitter.

Speaking of knitting. I thought about finding somewhere to sell my little octopi and things. I’ve had a number of friends mention that I should sell things on Etsy.

Apparently it’s been long enough since I had originally looked at their charging prices, that I had considered attempting to open a little shop.

But, needless to say, I won’t be opening a little shop on Etsy. While I realize and understand their request of a certain amount for listing fees as well as a certain percentage for every item sold, I just can’t afford that right now. It sounds kind of silly since it is a rather low percentage.

I had hoped that I could find another website, similar to Etsy, to sell things, but so far, I’ve found one and I still can’t afford it. It’s no listing fee and a smaller percentage per sale, but it’s still a money issue.

I’ve seriously considered just making a side-blog, setting up a Paypal account, and putting a Paypal button up. I know Paypal charges for every transaction, but if memory serves correctly, they automatically take out their fees before you get the money. I’ll have to look into it.

I know that if I do set up a “shop” (so to speak), it’s not going to get off with a bang. I guess, if anything, I just want to see if I can do it.

So. Making things.

Since I made the post about making the Slenderman and Octopus, I realized I should make a new list of things I wanted to make, planned on making, or needed to make.

It was a bad idea.

I spent maybe half an hour writing different things down and later on I typed it up. After typing it up, I realized I should probably count it and see how many things it was because I didn’t think it’d be that many. Nope, it’s 82 things, not including the “various sizes, various colours, etc” notes that I made.

Holy cow.

I would say that I guess I should get to working, but there’s so much I have to do around the house. We’re going to be puppy-sitting later this week. This means we’ll have to get some extra cleaning going since it is Poedog.

Since we’ve lately learned that Faust really hates dogs, whenever Faust is not in the livingroom (oh the joys of having a dog-gate installed to separate the livingroom from the rest of the house) we’ll be putting him in the Blue Room because we’d rather be overly cautious than not.


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