Too many projects

The downside of being easily distracted and having Really Cool Ideas where sometimes I have the ability to Make Them Happen, is starting these things and going off to do something else.

For instance:

I started a Sandworm scarf…over a year ago. I got distracted (and commissioned to make a couple Doctor Who scarves) and I also realized that hey, I really don’t need that piece right now so it can stay half-finished.

I have other pieces of knitty things that I can use and continue with, but now I’ve run into the snag of: I should probably use those.

I’ve got part of a blanket on one of my things, the Sandworm scarf is hanging out on other knitty things in a bag with brown felts, and I’ve got the beginnings of what will be a Large Smiley Face on another knitty thing.

But, now I want to make a Cthulhu and I may need one of those knitty things and I realized that the knitty thing that the Sandworm scarf is on I think I need that thing, but this means I have to finish the Sandworm scarf and I kind of don’t want to finish the Sandworm scarf because I don’t have eyes. I really want something akin to Ooogly eyes, and I need to make a second Sandworm to go into the Sandworm and I need to make teeth and a tongue.

I’ve also been getting not so subtle hints to make Giant Octopi and I am going to probably need all of my knitty things to make them.

I also realized that:

I have 2 blankets that need to be done

Since I made the Slenderman, this opens up a whole new slew of things! to try to make (a zombie for a friend, Lenore, more Slendermen, etc)

I want to try to make an elephant (for Jamie. he’s always wanted a little white elephant with red dots, just like the one from the Island of Misfit Toys)

I wanted to make more Doctor Who scarves. I have all of the materials I need, I just haven’t gotten there yet.

And, if I can do it, which I think I might be able to, I want to make my own little Horace Horrible (from Candle Cove). Ever since I first read Candle Cove, I have wanted my own little Horace Horrible

…and now I need to go check on laundry.


2 thoughts on “Too many projects

  1. I’ve just finished a bunch of projects, so my long list of WIPs is way down. Looking at your list, though, I’ve got a few more ideas! I’ve been wanting to make a Doctor Who scarf for a while!

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