Hello, Internet. How’re you? Doing well?

Me? I feel like crap. I caught something from the “Germ Factory” (work) and therefore feel rundown and am very lethargic (also, rather lazy)

Faust, the new cat, has determined that the little cubby hole where we throw dirty laundry in the bathroom is his new bed. We’ve learned that he really hates dogs and Ugly does not want to have anything to do with him. Faust is, however, getting along fairly well with Snooch so that’s a plus. We figure that Ugly is just staying grumpy.

Jamie got a last-minute text from Hope, a really awesome dog trainer, asking if we’d be interested in joining her Advanced class. So, Izzy is now in an Advanced Obedience class. This will be great for her and her…unease with new situations, and it’s also structured for CGC certification. At the end of the training period, we can take the test, if we pass, Izzy-butt gets to be our first CGC-certified dog! And if this happens, we can work with the other monkeys and have them certified which will get us a little bit closer to our “I’d love to have one of these guys as a certified therapy dog.”

We’ve learned that we were right: if you drop something, like dropping the broom by accident, Izzy will pee. We’ll be working on that.

Hope has said that, if we really have to, we can bring Hobbes to class to help ease Izzy into these new situations that she will be thrust into.

Creatively, I’m working on Octopi. Little knit octopi that are basically taking over my knitting at the moment. (tentacles everywhere!)

My Medusa hat is on hold at the moment, which is stupid of me because I want to knit a little Cthulhu and half of my greens are on hold (because of the hat) and I think it’d be really fun to make a little Cthulhu.

And, I’ve made a Slenderman. He needs a tie, which I have not made yet. He has been squeed over.

I realized that since I’ve made a Slenderman, I can make a Nosferatu. If I can make Nosferatu, I can make that zombie that I’ve promised a friend (from like two years ago).

I also realized that, while the Slenderman was headless, I could easily make a Lenore (created by Roman Dirge). I kind of want to make a Lenore and see what happens.

On the other hand, I realized I should really do film reviews again. I’ve been watching a lot of films (the joy of being sick, feeling like crap, and working part time) I’ve watched about 20 or so in the past week, week and a half.

It’s mainly for me. Sometimes I really don’t remember if I’ve seen a film until I’m about halfway through and realize I’ve seen it. I’ve seen Harry Potter and…the Goblet of Fire? Three times and I still don’t remember anything from it besides this is really terrible. I am disappointed.

And then there’s things I’ve been watching that would be really fun to talk about, like “Grave Encounters” (and the hilarity I found in it) or “Absinthe,” the documentary.


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