He won’t be named Sir Pounce

We’re still trying to think of a name for The Cat. We’ve taken to calling him “Cat” until we can think of something. Jamie mentioned calling him “Sir Pounce” (after Tommen’s cat from Game of Thrones), but he doesn’t pounce all that much. He’s a pretty chill, laid back kind of cat. I offered “Vetinari” because, really, if we’re going to go with literary names, why not someone from the Discworld?

Vetinari doesn’t seem to fit all that well.

Jamie suggested George (after Curious George) because he has to know what food you’re bringing in, I countered with Bentley (after Bentley Little).

Cat also got introduced to Uggs and Snooch today. Uggs doesn’t want to have anything to do with him and Snooch will edge kind of close, hiss, and run away. So far, Cat has basically taken over the living room and the others seem to be fine with that.


I decided to make a little octopus yesterday to see if I could. It turned out fairly well and Jamie has claimed it for his own. I made another one today and have been enjoying making them.

He’s a little goofy, but he works and he was fun to make.

I want to make more of these little guys and maybe do something, like put them on headbands. It’d be something fun. I also kind of want to do googly eyes or button eyes (or something other than standard pony beads). Overall, it’s just fun to play around with them and I like how they’re coming out.

I want to make more of them. I’ve got the yarn to do so, so why not? I think the only thing that would be weird/awkward to do would be the variant-colored yarn.


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